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I am 77 years of age and have been having increasing urinary problems over the last 5 years.
Basically I feel I need to pee nearly all the time. At night I am up around every hour to pee,
with diminishing success as the night progresses, but with increasing pain.  However, I do not
experience urgency or have leakage problems, and was told I do not have an overactive bladder.
I would like to know what I do have!

I have had two TURP ops, one bladder resection, several cytsoscopies and a good many scans, all to no avail and have tried numerous medications.   I have very little energy.  My urologist says I do not 'fit into any of the boxes'!   I have no idea what steps to take next.

I'd be grateful for suggestions or to hear of any similar experiences.

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Hello johnjohn

A very warm welcome to our forums. You will find a wealth of information and support here.

I am sure that someone will be along soon to respond to your post. Also we have a nurse advice line starting on Wednesday and I wonder whether you would like to give Nurse, Karen Powel a call between 9.30am and 2.00pm this coming Wednesday to discuss your issues with her (0121-702-0820).

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK

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My experiences are much the same as yours Johnjohn.  I'm up so much in the night, and have been for years, that I am a permanent zombie from exhaustion. I have forgotten what a good night's sleep is. While there are some internal issues with my bowel and spine, which are in part responsible for what is happening to me, the upshot is that there really isn't any medical intervention which can help me in any way.  The answer I have been given, so far, is self-catheterisation.  For a woman, this scares me more than a little, but I gather it is something one can be taught to do. I have been referred to the nurses to be 'trained' in this 'art'! but have not yet been given an appointment.  Therefore I have no idea if this will really be the answer, for me at least.  It might be worth asking your urologist for his views on this for you?  Good luck!

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Hi johnjohn,

My late father (passed at the ripe age of 90) some years ago now, had a prostate problem for a significant amount of years. He had 3 ops on his prostate. The last op worsened his problem. (he was 80).I recall that his Urologist did tell us that he could not guarantee that there would be an improvement with his urinating but Dad was brave and decided to go ahead. (I am fortunate enough to have this same Urologist as my Consultant).

Have you ever thought of asking for a second opinion?? You do have every right to do so.

I cannot give you any other advice but do wish you good luck.  Try to get a second opinion.

Keep us updated.[wave][wave]
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