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Hi everyone.  Since now I have given up practically everything I used to drink, ie: alcolhol, citrus soft drinks, juices.  Does anyone have any suggestion of a soft drink which would not irritate the bladder. I am really fed up of just drinking tea, decaf coffee and water.  Xmas coming and its going to be boring enough. Regards J

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Hello Jeanne,

I only generally drink water or sometimes as a warm drink, a very weak green tea, but I have occasionally when had to be out in company, had a soda water (not tonic water) but bicarb of soda water with a slice of lemon in it. Otherwise, ever have anything else. Isn't it hell. !

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Hi there,

As IC is so different from one person to another it is very difficult to offer advice on this matter however I personally am able to drink milk and in fact it seems to help my bladder a little at times.  Try to avoid chocolate milk or soy milk though. 

People also say that coconut milk can be helpful.  People also say that hot, iced or sweet regular and decaf black tea, green tea and most herbal teas should be avoided at all cost but some people manage well with these. 

I tend to drink chamomile tea which is quite nice and meant to be calming too.  I have also read that marshmallow root can be helpful for IC sufferers too but I have not personally tried this.

Hope this give you some form of assistance.


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After drinking nothing but water for months I slowly introduced some fresh pear juice (you do need a juicer)then pear and carrot, and more recently pear and broccoli juice which
is much nicer than it sounds. I find it a good way to start the day.  As well as providing a good source of vitamins it also helps keep the urine alkaline which I find helps.

Best Wishes



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I think alcohol drinks and soft drinks are not good for the health, they cause various health complications.
Alcohol drinks affect the heart, liver, and lung and also cause various dangerous diseases.
Fresh fruits juices are more effective drinks for the health and fitness and fight against the diseases.

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I,ve noticed that the vanilla or original flavor of carnation instant breakfast protein shakes so far haven't irritated my IC-Even though it does have 21vitamins and minerals they're not at harsh levels and I've been on these for over a month now because of having such a bland diet. Hope this can help somebody[confused][frown].    meghan[smile]

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Is coconut water ok with IC? There are so many healing benefits to it wondered what folk thought? 



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I am struggling with drink at the moment, i do plan to get a blender, but fruit is not cheap. I can have milk and milkshake. For some reason i cant find a water that suits me so often get dehydrated.

I find i can have pear and blueberry juice as sugars etc dont effect me, Just the main foods etc. But contacted my supermarket as finding they are making it harder for me to be able to drink things, as they have now taken away blueberry juice
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