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Hi, does anyone else suffer awful pain and throbbing with sometimes a shooting pain up either the left or right side of the pubic feels like pressure, in fact it reminds me of how I felt when I was overdue with my 3rd very big baby!
I have been getting this recently and it is really painful. I go to a body balance class at the gym which is a combination of tai chi, pilates and stretches but I wonder whether some of the hip opener exercises are exacerbating this pain. Does anyone experience anything similar?
Tonight I had to take 5ml of oromorph in desperation but it hasn’t really done anything so far. I feel I just mask my pain at work as I don’t want to appear a whinger!
Any help gratefully received.😀

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Exercise is so individual but one thing people have commented on are stretches that focus on the hips and pelvic floor.  If your pelvic floor is already too tight, then a hip opening exercise without support can cause problems because it can depend on how long you hold the stretch for and it tightens muscles feeding directly into the pelvic floor.  I've found that hip openers often need the support such as bolsters under the thighs and knees and you only relax the hips for a limited period of time.  Ignore those around you - you go at your pace.

Pilates focuses on the core muscles around the abdomen and lower back and toning these but again if you have an overtight pelvic floor you are essentially overtuning a highly strung trampoline.  

It may be worth discussing with your GP a referral to a pelvic floor physio who can assess your PF initially and work with you to release the pf muscles.  

Amy Stein’s book Heal Pelvic Pain has lots of information and there is a list of UK and Ireland Pelvic Floor Therapists under Pelvic  The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy also have a searchable listing of Women’s Health physios listing both NHS and Private practices (please choose Women’s Health under Speciality drop down box).

Further reading 

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Thank you so much for the advice. I do have Amy steins book and some of the exercises that are in body balance are in her book. I think I may be overdoing it as I was told by miss EN not to do abdominal exercises as I have a vaginal vault prolapse. I stopped doing them for a long time and then restarted so I am now giving to lessen what I do. I am also keeping a diary of my pain and food and exercise to see if I can spot a pattern.
I did go to see a pelvic physio a couple of years ago and she showed me how to do trigger point massage/pressure. Maybe I need to revisit,
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