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hi there,
i just wanted to share that i've been trying out the acid-alkaline diet over the past month and a half, and i've noticed an improvement in my IC and vulvodynia symptoms.

i wanted to share this, because my urologist recommended the IC diet as the one solution to my symptoms (aside from Elmiron, which I've decided to hold off on for the time being). To me this seems like such incomplete advice! the IC diet does NOT offer the vitamins needed by someone suffering from IC! without proper nutrition counseling, following the IC diet could really throw your body even further out of balance.

in the beginning of the acid-alkaline diet, i mostly omitted the items that are big no's for IC -- most fruits, soy, vinegars... but i have started introducing them slowly to see if i may be able to tolerate some of them. i added flax seed oil to my diet, and really increased my intake of fresh vegetables and 'neutral' grains like quinoa and amaranth. i will admit i haven't followed the diet strictly on the weekends but i have tried to make better choices while eating out. i believe this diet would take months or years to work its magic, and i figured if i'm in it for the long haul i need to continue having some indulgences.

i believe cutting out coffee was a major help. now, after a few weeks without it, a decaf latte makes me jumpy and uncomfortable. i thought it would be such a bummer to give it up, but i feel so much better. instead, i've been drinking chamomile, raspberry leaf, and catnip teas -- all good sources of vitamins for someone with IC who is too sensitive to take a multivitamin, and who is possibly experiencing some Vitamin A, B, and C vitamin deficiencies. I am also slowly introducing marshmallow root tea. reducing the beer and wine intake has helped a lot. i think the carbonation in the beer was particularly irritating to me. also, i felt that perhaps i could be experiencing a candida imbalance, so i initially cut out sugar and alcohol completely for a week or so. i felt that was doable and i felt it really helped put my body back in balance. i did experience some headaches but my understanding is that that can be a side effect of releasing toxins from the body. i'm sure it also has to do with giving up coffee -- which i had to do very slowly as it caused horrible headaches. i just lowered the amount in my morning cup over the course of a couple weeks.

i've come to believe a lot of my IC is stress related. i've started trying to fit in a healing bath once a week (wish i could do it more often). i add a couple drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil, plus a half a cup of baking soda to the water. i also keep a linen with a couple drops of lavender oil on it by my computer and sniff it when i get stressed out. i've really taken notice of when i seem to "tense" my pelvic/bladder muscles. i've noticed it occurs with stress, being cold, and poor posture, so i've really tried to address those issues. i swear it has helped. and in general, i've worked hard to give myself time and communicate to my loved ones that i need help right now to have some more time to myself. massage has been wonderful. 

i hope this might help... many of the suggestions I'm following are from "On the Healing Path" by Simone as well as from "Solving the IC Puzzle". I'd recommend both. 

i hope this helps someone out there...wishing the best of luck to all.


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Hi Stacy,

Thank you for posting about your improvement and the things you have been doing yourself to try and get well. That is really interesting. I have also read the two books you mentioned and a great many other books on nutrition, candida, immune system, IC etc.

Interesting what you say re wine and beer - and the need for the right nutrients when someone with IC cannot tolerate supplements and vitamins.  At the moment I am reading an interesting relatively new book out called Six Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr John Mansfield. I'm not reading this because my son needs to loose weight... in fact quite the opposite as he is very slim!  

I am reading it because it is very informative about food intollerence and how it wrecks the immune system and how you can try and find your food intollerences.  But the book talks a lot about the problems of yeast and candida and its impact on the body.

Beer and wine are mentioned a fair bit.. not only because of the massive sugar content and the yeast but especially with beer the whole wheat problem.  So maybe that is why you are better without any kind of alcohol.  Anyway, worth a read if you see this.

There can be so many intollerences in the body - not just the usual ones that we think of like gluten, dairy, wheats etc. but things like oxalates and salicylates.  It's just hard doing one thing at a time.

Anyhow found your post really interesting. I agree that the IC diet is very incomplete advice from urologists. They seem to think it is the answer..... and it isn't.  There are far too many bad things on the standard IC diet lists and it goes much further than that.

Keep posting as to how you progress as this kind of information on holistic healing is good news.


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Hello Stacy and Davids Mum

Thanks for the input,it is always so interesting to read of everyones attempts at solving or at least trying to assist our bodies adjust to these so distressing and often mis understood symptoms.

@Stacy re the cold, I find wearing a' japanese band' really does help to keep my inner core at a regular temperature,at this time of year I wear it night and day.

Do keep posting.As we all know every little helps  CHOL


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Thanks so much for the input! I'm interested in the "Japanese band" - had never heard of it, but it sounds helpful!

Oh, I'm happy to share things that are working for me. I've been pretty intensely pursuing a variety of healing options lately... 
I even paid a visit to an "intuitive healer/foot reflexologist". Might sound strange, but it was a really interesting experience. A couple things he suggested re the IC:
1. Eating the white/insides (pith?) of lemons (like with water). He said these inner connective tissues of foods like lemons help the linings of our organs. I did a quick internet search and found this...who knows...but I did think it was interesting because in the weeks leading up to paying this man a visit I was really craving lemon juice, so perhaps there's something there. The lemon may aggravate IC symptoms, but I think ultimately it could be a healing solution.

2. He also recommended Vitamin E supplements - a suggestion I hadn't remembered from the books I had read, but I've found this, which makes me interested in giving it a try...

I also went to a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, and she confirmed what I had intuitively been picking up on: that I need to stop during daily tasks to "release" and breathe. She said my pelvic floor muscles are very "short", which would make sense if I am tensing them often in response to bladder pain (or stress, or being cold.) She also did a sort of pinching massage on my stomach that she called a "skin roll", I think -- when she did it, it replicated the tingling sensation I sometimes get on my upper thighs, which I had always thought was a rather mysterious symptom. She recommended "rolling" the skin around my belly button for relief.

So...Just some ideas to consider! I will certainly keep in touch! Best of luck.  



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Hello  stacy
see this post re Japanese band

keep your posts coming, every little help.

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