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I want to give some hope to anyone searching this forum.  I have been told for years that i have no infection.  I have had invasive procedures - bladder stretch, urodynamics and bladder instills.  Nothing helped at all.

I have since been to see Dr A and a broth test was carried out.  I have 3 different bacteria in there!  There has been a lot of news in the papers about urine tests via the NHS coming back clear, they're not always clear, the bacterial  count isn't high enough for it to be considered a positive.  I'm now on antibiotics and for the first time in years i feel hopeful for the future [smile]

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Well done sara74 for your perseverance.

Sadly many of us have been saying that NHS need to bring their testing data up to date. Am pleased Dr A is giving you confidence in your way forward.

Do keep us posted on your journey, as you know , this will really assist others searching.

Good luck and remember, may be a long journey, but am sure you will start to see results, and a healthier life.

Kind regards


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After years spent searching for help for my IC (which I believe is an embedded infection which never clears, although nhs urinalysis always come back clear or insignificant) I have stumbled across references to Dr A on this forum.

Please can I ask if she does telephone consultations / urine tests by post or do you have to visit her in clinic? Also is there a long waiting list?

I had a cystoscopy a few months ago (because my urine frequently shows microscopic blood) which showed up nothing, but strangely I had zero 'ic' symptoms for nearly two weeks afterwards, (which was bliss!) I had been given strong IV antibiotics during the procedure! To me, this strikes as proof I have an infection but the Consultant poo poo'd it, when I stated this. Also I have had good results on Hiprex in previous years, which again makes me suspect it being infection based.

Any useful info on Dr A would be appreciated, thank you !

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Hi hickscc,
I've sent you a private message as I wasn't sure if I could name the specialist x

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HI there,

I am sure you have been asked this many times but would it be possible to send me details of the specialist you saw? I have been to one urologist who just told me IC was incurable and there was nothing I could do, would really appreciate any help you can offer!

Thanks so much,

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Hi Rosie, I've just sent you a private message x
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