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Good evening all.
Wondering if anyone could give me so info.
I had a cystoscopy going back about 7 weeks or so and as i expected it was all fine other than sediment in my urine ( apparently caused by previous infections ) ..all though I've only ever had at that point one confirmed Uti.
So urologist sent me on my way. I still had the same symptoms.. pain in urethra, frequency and general groin pain. Anywhos moving on 7 weeks later i starting having blood in my urine ( i was not alarmed as it wasn't much and i was on amoxicillin for an ear infection so i knew it couldn't be a Uti if i was already on the following day i had horrific pain upon urinating and loads of blood. ( I've never in my life had blood in my urine ) my urine sample was near enough pure blood. Scared life out of me.
Quick doctors and he said i had a severe Uti and prescribed 3 days worth of macrobid. My symptoms dramatically improved. I've just finished my 3rd day of macrobid and feeling great. I actually have minimal urethra pain.

1. Could the cystoscopy have caused my to have this bladder infection by stretching my urethra from camera? I've had one in my life time and this was 10 years ago with 0 blood. So I'm wondering if the camera has irritated my bladder walls?

2. Why can't private specialists who treat biofilm infections prescribe macrobid if its mainly used for bladder infections?
I feel macrobid has greatly improved me compared to the 5 months treatment i was on with Prof ML on cephalexin.

Thank you

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What an awful thing to experience a few weeks post procedure. It’s extremely common for people to develop post operative infections mainly due to the introduction of instrumentation in the urethra and bladder. However sterile they are if you have an existing infection it is bound to stir things up. Quite why patients are not sent home with antibiotics to cover this, I have never understood especially those with a history of recurrent UTI. You really are playing Russian roulette with an infection.

An embedded bladder wall infection is exactly that embedded into the cells of the bladder so yes by stretching the bladder wall you are disturbing it and cells will be shed into the urine. It sounds at least like your immune system managed to deal with things immediately post op but for whatever reason 7 weeks post surgery, you developed a severe UTI. Thank goodness the GP was able to diagnose it quickly and get you onto treatment which seems to have helped.

It is a little bit disingenuous to claim that no biofilm specialists use Macrobid when treating patients with a cUTI. They most certainly do but it will often depend on urine sample results and patient symptoms as to which ab they use. There are a number of biofilm specialists in the UK, not just Prof and all treat in slightly different ways. As you know with the Professor, he usually starts patients on high dose Cephelexin or Trimethoprim combining Hiprex with it as well. If things after a period of time, and that can be after several weeks or months on the same antibiotic (so long as patients are tolerating it in terms of side effects - if that is the case he will switch you immediately), haven’t improved he will change you to alternative antibiotics one of which is Macrobid. Patients have to be carefully monitored as well for any side effects and Macrobid is not immune to producing these - often peripheral neuropathy can occur. However, his 10 year research study published last year gave results for 624 women with the majority of success (80% feeling very much better after a year) being seen in those taking Ceph or Trimethoprim with Hiprex and his nearly 20 years of treatment have found that by persisting with the same antibiotic for a period of time at a high dosage, this is the best way to treat the infection but as previously mentioned he does have plenty of other antibiotics up his sleeve to help those who don’t respond after a period of time and he is experienced in managing these types of patients.

But this isnt the only way to treat a biofilm infection and as I mentioned there are other specialists who use urine cultures identifying the specific bacteria alongside the symptoms their patients describe and will prescribe from there using high dose Macrobid, Ceph, Co-Amox, Trimethoprim and other antibiotics plus Hiprex if suitable. So there are options for those struggling to get a diagnosis and the right treatment.

NICE guidelines for acute UTI advise GPs to use Trimethoprim or Macrobid as the frontline method of treatment but at a much lower dosage and for a short period of time (3 days). Macrobid is certainly the most Bladder targeted antibiotic on the market hence it’s usage by GPs as a first course of treatment.

It’s good to read that you are feel so much better after the course of Macrobid - it must be such a relief to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. If you get a blip after stopping the abs, go back to your GP and get a further course - given the severity of your infection and you also had surgery, this needs to be monitored to ensure it doesn’t return.

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Thank you so much Susan for that.
Great info on there!
Think i will take a trip to gp if i get any flare ups over the next few days.
As of now I'm feeling really good.
Absolutely nervous to get a uti again now though after that one
Especially when i have to do sleep ins with work.
I'm hoping that's my last for a while!
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