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I can feel a flare up coming on and I feel so helpless to stop it. I feel blessed that I know it's coming but it's a double edged sword if I can't do anything about it. Does anyone have any advise for stopping a flare up? I am currently taking Solifenacin which does hold back my symptoms but I also feel when I get a flare up it is 10 times worse than before it was prescribed and when I felt ill all the time.
My last flare up resulted in bed wetting, a week off work and a total meltdown for me mentally which I have never suffered before, I feel living a normal life with horrific bouts of the illness is sometimes worse than coping with it 24/7. Does that sound insane?

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Hello Emily27uk

Welcome to our Forum I am sure you will find comfort and help by reading through . Also contact BHUK. where we have so much more help and advice for Members , with even  Nurse online that you could speak with.

As difficult as it is managing our dreadful naughty bladders, it is important that the bugs are being treated with the correct treatment, so do always try and get a sample in for testing.

here are a couple of links that may be worth you reading.
D Mannose

Moderator Susan suggestions            

Also.."Does that sound insane?"

Bless you, nothing sounds insane with this dreadful dis -ease, we certainly all understand and will always listen. We are all different and react differently, so sadly there is no quick fix, or a solution that will work for everyone.Which is why treatment is so long winded. Doh!

Do keep posting.
Kind regards

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