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Pro's and Cons? Have you had one & regret it? Or would you have one given the choice?

I'm 99% sure I have a chronic embedded UTi / biofilm infection & have an appointment with the Professor next March (earliest appointment!)

In the meantime I've seen a Urologist - referred by my GP, and she wants to do a CT scan & flexible cystoscopy to rule out kidney stones (I have no kidney/back pain). She was very dismissive of my suggestion that my symptoms are caused by lingering bacteria.

I'm all for ruling out other possible causes, but I don't want to make my symptoms (urethral burning & my bladder feeling full all the time) worse. Especially as things seem to have eased off slightly at the moment, possibly due to me consuming a large quantity of Holland & Barratts stock on a daily basis!!

Any advice / opinions appreciated.

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I had a cystoscopy on my road to finding the Professor...

Personally for me I regretted it enormously as it caused my urethral burning to become far far worse. I was in pain for weeks afterwards; I was actually quite shocked at how seriously it caused my symptoms to flare.

Of course everyone’s experience is different but for me it was a bad decision although it did serve the purpose to rule anything sinister out.

Good luck


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I have mixed feelings over this. Like yourself I had suffered numerous infections the majority were positive for e coli. I had lots of issues with urethral pain and a feeling of needing the toilet. A bad UTI in 2015 led the gp to refer me to a urologist. He wrongly suggested that I had narrowing of the urethra and listed me for a rigid cystoscopy which I refused and agreed to a flexible. All was found to be normal. Whilst I don't know if the test did have any adverse effects on me I certainly had many flare ups in the following year or so, which I really put down to lingering bacteria. After following a healthy diet, and also using dmannose and taking probiotics for women, I now feel very well, Although I'll never feel totally confident that there will be no more flare ups. I do feel optimistic for the future. I suppose the positive of having the test would be the knowledge of ruling anything sinister out. Hope this helps.
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