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Any alcohol has the potential to irritate the bladder, however just because wine upsets some bladders it doesn't mean it affects yours. The same with soda water- some bladders hate anything sparkling/carbonated but not all bladders react the same way.

I can drink normal coke but I can't drink diet coke or drink any type of Pepsi - I have to be very careful when going out for the evening and ensure I get order my own drinks as so many pubs don't think there is a difference between coke and Pepsi (especially when abroad) but my bladder sure does!! Luckily I can tell the difference with the smallest of sips and have managed to avoid any mishaps.

The only way of knowing if soda water or wine (or both) affects your bladder is by cutting it out for at least several weeks then doing a controlled re introduction of the soda water and seeing how your body reacts. It's best to make sure that during the re-introduction of the soda water you don't introduce anything else new at that time as if your bladder reacts you won't know which one it is reacting too. Once you are sure you know how your bladder reacts to the soda water then you can introduce the wine, either diluted or by itself and see what the reaction is.

There is further information about food diaries on the main COB site if you want to learn more or you can contact the COB office for further assistance and fact sheets.

I hope this info helps x

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Can yogurt cause oab?
I have gone through the whole list and have cut out almost everything. The weirdest thing is that even when i drink a lot of water i get pain in my uretha and am always running to the bathroom.

I am a sixty year old male and at present am taking Toviaz 8Mg with moderate success

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Hello Markus2751
Welcome to our Forum and so sorry to read of your discomfort.

I am sure by reading different threads here and on our Website, you will find much to assist , and help you understand that with this dis-ease we are all different and react in different ways to Diet and even the medication. Unfortunately there is not a a right or wrong attitude, what can work for one person may not for another .
Do have a look at what we talk about Diet on our Website for the different types of Bladder dis-ease,also if you become a Member of COB, we have more information to assist and we also have a special Dietitian,that can maybe work with you.

I hope you will find this of some comfort, but please do post and ask as many questions on any of our Forums.We all truly understand.

Kind regards

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