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Hello all,

I have recently joined bladder health uk as been having trouble for 2-3 years with bladder and having to self catheterise after going into full retention. I have been self catheterising for coming up to two years and although doing a sterile technique I have been getting recurrent urine infections and have been given long standing antibiotics! I have had urine infections for years even before all this however these urine infections are terrible and don’t recover with antibiotics a lot of the time as my body is becoming resistant I am currently on my third week of high strength antibiotics and still have the infection! I feel as though because I have been given the catheters and other equipment I have been left to my own devices! I am currently waiting for a referral for sacral never stimulation therapy but I’ve been told it can be anything up to six months so not looking two promising. I am in a lot of pain at the moment and this is making me super miserable I never really complain about pain however I went to go who prescribed me codiene which does help slightly but my bladder is so sore and it’s so hard to use the catheters due to the Agro it’s causing to my bladder! Sorry for such a long message if anyone has any advice I would love to hear from you I literally have nobody my age to talk to about this stuff! As they don’t know and don’t want to tell them my family knows but they don’t know the extent it causes to me day to day living!


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Hello Harriett
Welcome to our Forum and hope will find much support, as we all understand all the up's and down's with this dreadful disease.We do  have several success stories, as well.

Do read through different categories as you will discover that there is no one fix for all, we are all different and react differently, unfortunately what will suit one may be a complete nightmare for others,but we do understand and will always listen.
here are a few links for you, on both SNS and Fowlers.

You may also wish to contact the BHUK office and become a Member, where you will have so more help, advice and support.

Do keep posting
Kind regards


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Hi Kate I have just signed up to become a member thanks for the response I look forward to getting to know as much information as possible the this illness!
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