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I have a large prostate with high PVR and have had for at least 3 years untreated other than tablets (fenasteride and tamsulosin) - I rarely get up in the night and am due to have a HOLEP operation - I was given the alternative option of self catheterisation but am put off by the need to do it 3 to 4 times a day - why not just once, say, last thing at night?

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Hi wackers. I am the wife of a long term catheterised husband (85 end of the month). He has chronic kidney failure, and an extremely large prostate which is now unoperable. He had a TURP nearly 10 years ago. TURP is Transurethral Resection of the Prostate). This was successful and he has had a good innings. He retains urine (urinery outflow obstruction) therefore does not empty his bladder properly which has put strain on his left kidney. Hence the long term indwelling catheterisation. What I have learned throughout this journey is quite a bit. It is necessary for you to self catheterise 3 to 4 times in order to relieve your bladder. Your kidneys would suffer if you did not self catheterise this often.  If you retain urine this would affect the kidneys. I am not a clinician. If you are suitable for the HOLEP op then I'd go for it. Hopefully, you will get all the info you need. Have you not had an indepth conversation with a specialist urology nurse or your urologist?? Take care of yourself.

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Thank you for that. Much appreciated.I am due for the HOLEP at the end of the month so hopefully that should fix my problem. Still cannot fully understand why 1 good catheterisation a day would not suffice but all the advice I have received is just as you have said ie 3 to 4 times a day. Thanks again

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I self catheterize 3 times a day. This prevents stale urine leading to UTIs

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I've not heard of the HOLEP operation, but have had 2 Turps and a bladder incision to help flow. Is the HOLEP a better option to help voiding.
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