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Is Professor ML still taking new referrals? I just wanted to check before asking my GP to make a referral for me. I am out of area but I know I can request this under Patient Choice. Also, what can I expect from a first appointment? Thanks for your help.

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At the moment I'm afraid NHS referrals are not possible, he can only be seen privately but it is hoped that this will change in the near future. Your GP can request it but NHS central booking cannot process it due to restrictions following the closure of his clinic in 2015.

In terms of what to expect at your first appointment

When seeing Prof ML or one of his team for the first time he will ask for a sample on arrival which he will examine under his microscope checking for white blood cells and epilethial cells as a marker of infection. This is not a standard NHS urine test so he won't be culturing your urine to determine what bugs you have and antibiotic sensitivities.

He will take a history from you of your symptoms etc. he has around 20 questions that he will ask you such as do you get up in the night to pee, does it hurt when you pee, is there pain as the bladder refills, does the pain radiate out and where, do you leak when you cough, laugh, can you make it to the loo when you out the key on the lock, how many times a day do you pee? All this goes into a programme he has written and from there he will determine which abs to start you on. Don’t be put off that he is typing away as you talk rather than looking at you and he fires questions at you. He is listening but simply putting everything into your notes. He may examine you in terms of loin or abdominal tenderness and gently check your kidneys.

If you have any recent positive sample test results with you, take them with you but he may not base his prescription on what they say. Please also make him aware of any allergies or any previous reactions to medications. All will impact on what is prescribed.

He will tell you to keep in touch with him as it can take several ab tweaks before things settle and it may get worse before it gets better as the bugs will fight back or you will suppress one bug for another to rear its ugly little head. He will give you a letter and send a copy to your GP and will follow up in around 8 weeks (with a specific appointment which he will arrange whilst you are there). You will hear the words "dogged persistence" and you will need to adopt this as it can be very up and down. He is available on e mail and if you react to one of the abs you must tell him immediately so he can switch you.

We should add that he has a team of doctors so you may seem him the first time but for follow up appointments, you will be seen by one of his team and then he will pop in at the end to agree the treatment. For those not able to travel each time to see him, he is able to offer telephone consults but obviously your urine cannot be checked. This will impact on whether he is able to change your medication so you may need to factor in travel to him for a urine check. The urine check is very useful as he is able to track your progress. Be prepared for a graph that looks like a roller coaster (a damped oscillation). Nearly all of his patients have this type of graph.


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Thank you for your very helpful reply.

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Hi, I have just visited Dr E at UCLH following a successful referral from my GP. I had to wait 5+ months plus a bit of chasing. I live near the Scottish border so it was a long journey down but well worth it she was an amazing lady, so knowledgeable, understanding and caring. I have now been put on long term antibiotics as she feels it could be an embedded infection.
She has requested an MRI to check what's going on down there and 2 further tests to check if my tubes could have a kink in them which could be causing the pain and a pressure test. Following on from that she will look at nerve damage.
She told me hat I definitely do not have IC ( which a previous consultant thought) as my bladder capacity is too great and a key factor is 100-150 ml bladder capacity.
Thank you Bladder health for the recommending this lady as she has given me hope for the future as she seems positive that she can help me.
I would suggest you push for a referral even if you do have to wait a few months. It was a fantastic opportunity for me. Good luck!

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I am a patient of Prof ML's clinic on the NHS.We were told he retired from the NHS but there will be a new lead doctor . Also, the clinic may relocate to a new site so as to be nearer to a teaching hospital.
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