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something else I've found to be miraculous is hydrocortisone ointment (from Boots) must use it sparingly and not too often. I use it after s*x  around my vulval area and also whenever I get that uncomfortable sensation down there and it works a treat. In addition I take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen after s*x as I have come to the conclusion that my 'problem' is caused by inexplicable inflammation always aggravated by s*x.



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I am 21 years old and have had three uti's, that have been treated with antibiotics, that have caused me LOTS of problems. After every course of anti biotics, my infection is cleared, but then I develop thrush and vulval vaginitis which lasts for about a year, sometimes bed bounding me. I suffered so long with these problems and it truely effected every aspect of my life. My college, my work, my relationship, everyday activity, to the point that I'm terrified of taking antibiotics. After developing another uti, I heard about Waterfall D Mannose, and I have been taking these only for two days, but I feel my uti has almost gone! I am so happy right now and hopeful that this will be my new answer and no longer have to take antibiotics all the time. I have my fingers crossed, and all I can say is that so far, I would recommend them as I've seen such a drastic improvement in such little time.


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Dear Qwerty6

Many people react very badly to anti-biotics. I became seriously ill after anti-biotics 30 months ago, been off work for 18 months and was bed bound for 10 months. Many doctors don't tell you that anti-biotics can cause HUGE problems...............

Treating UTIs with a herbal approach is possible..........some people find d-mannose helps, some turn to chinese medicine and acupuncture, some turn to western herbalism and some turn to homeopathy. The key is to try things and see if they work so you don't reach for the anti-biotics. Many infections can clear up using the herbal approach. Remember before anti-biotics came along people used herbal medicine to cure everything....................

Sadly, I think the over-use of anti-biotics for UTIs is causing alot of harm to women........however the medical profession are not trained or know about the other methods of treatments that is why one must turn to the complimentary practitioners who do have experience.

Of course many people do use anti-biotics and will continue to do so - but I know after being so ill after taking them they are not an option for me, unless I get a kidney infection.

Hope this helps.


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I have OAB and have a sore, aching bladder at times and suffer with UTIs at time too. What seems to be helping me, at the moment, is to take a cranberry tablet before bed and a couple of D-Mannose tablets. I also take the D-Mannose when my bladder feels irritated.

Since eating a gluten free diet too, my bladder has improved a lot. I find drinking cranberry juice irritates my bladder.

I think I felt better when I drank more water in the Summer and lots of salad and an apple a day.

After taking antibiotics I think candida or yeast infections such as mild thrush upsets my bladder and associated areas too. It can take a long time for things to settle.


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Buy the D Mannose, try it, it absolutely works.  You might think it expensive to shell out £20, but what cost is your pain and agony!! Along with taking anti biotics which are really not good for the rest of your body. 

Yes I've tried it, I keep some for just in case cystitis happens.  The powder works quickly, getsw delivered flat, and they really do deliver fast, phone your order through if you can.

I had IC too, and the surgeon said that the paste they put outside the balloon to stretch the bladder is the same stuff.

Buy it, you will be so pleased you did.  One heaped teaspoon in some warm water, a small glass full.  Drink that down, then sip the next glass ful over the space of an hour.  You will be so pleased.


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I am so sorry to hear of your pain and I can totally understand you when you say that it has debilitated you in such a way that you can no longer enjoy a normal life.

I was suffering from burning and pain whenever I tried to pass water and have been on several antibiotics, I have also had a cystoscopy carried out.

I did some research on the internet and by chance discovered Waterfall D Mannose.  It has worked for me, I no longer suffer like I used to and I take the powder form whenever I require it.  It is about £20 for a 50gm of powder but this should last between 2-3 weeks initially.  It stopped my burning, my anxiousness and everything else that goes with this complaint.  You can also take the powder an hour before sex and half an hour later to stop any symptoms recurring and if they do just take the powder ever 3/4 hours.

Look up this product on Google and you will see experiences from others.  I prefer to use the powder as there is no binding agent in it which is required to make tablets. 

I hope this works for you as well as it has for me.  Good luck. x


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Hello RD
Copy as replied in your other message.

"Hello RD
Welcome to our Forum, I do hope you will continue to find a load more good recommended information, on reading through the many posts.

Waterfall D Mannose is indeed used by many Members and find it very helpful, we do have some information on this with a supplier in our Cob Shop.

You may also find it helpful to become a Member of COB, where the Office has so much to offer, those researching and needing extra advice and information.

Kind regards
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