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Hello. i'm 'Apple'. I'm 24. I have had bladder issues for a while (retention, poor flow, peeing 15-20x a day, etc) I was supposed to have a cystoscopy 2 years ago but never plucked up the courage.

I haven't been diagnosed with ic but have suffered painful, intermittent (but daily) urethral stinging/burning since early December after developing an infection. As well as the occasional feeling of an inflamed bladder.

I didn't see a gp during the infection as I was trying to avoid antibiotics use to gastro issues and an upcoming mri) When I did see finally see a gp in January my urine was dipsticked (negative) and sent off to the lab (also negative).

My gp has referred me back to a urologist but the consultation isn't until march 7tth!

Meanwhile I am really struggling. I did ask for pain relief (meaning pills) but he refused saying that it could put me in full retention. I did however fall down the stairs (haha oops) and took otc cocodamol which didn't give me any further retention but didn't reduce the pain either.

I have browsed the forum and seen otc numbing/cooling gel mentioned. Can anyone give any advice regarding any of these? Will the pharmacist just give them to me? How much are they? Are they safe/sterile?

Most information that I find online is American unfortunately.

To make matters 100x worse, I have a colonoscopy coming up and realllllly don't want to have urethral stinging while that's going on.

Sorry this is so long, it's my first post [smile] I'd really appreciate any advice.

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Hi Apple,

Sorry to hear you are suffering. I have had IC for many years and have taken ALOT of medication but I too also suffer with retention so can not get on with many drugs. Having said that I'm okay with Cocodamol so have the prescription dose however I would say it only has an effect 50% of the time.
I get alot of urethal pain due to vulvadynia.

I think you can get Lidocaine (numbing gel or cream) over the counter if not Vagisil contains a small percentage of Lidocaine which you can buy without a prescription (I don't get on with it due to Vulvadynia)

I have found baths with 4 - 6 handfuls of sodium bicarb very useful and do this 2 or 3 times a week. You can also apply vasaline down stairs to project the area. Sodium bicarb also helps the burn if you take orally in water.

I also use 'ADerma' shower cream which does not lather and is like an emollient made by Boots which is soothing to use

You can also now buy Prelief in the UK which is takes the acid out of food and drink so can in theory help with the burning feeling.

I have heat on my pelvic area nearly 24 / 7 and have also tried frozen peas in a hanky when things are bad although heat works better for me.

You could also try a TENS machine which you can buy from Boots etc for pain relief so you will have no negative effects with retention - again its hit and miss whether it will work but worth a shot.

Have you tried antihistamines - the common one for IC is a brand called 'Atarax' but I prefer Loratadine as I got a bit of retention after 6 months plus of taking it.

Also, you prob already know about the IC diet so obviously don't drink anything with caffeine etc. I found that herbal teas where bothering me although normally safe for ICers.

If you phone the cancellation line for your appointment and ask (if you don't already have it) for the consultants receptionists number and call them direct to explain how ill you are you can sometimes get an earlier cancellation appointment! (thats what I do!)

Take care, I know how you feel, it's not fun



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Hi apple how are things with you now? I have recently joined forum so only just seen your post.

I have very frequent Utis and also had a colonoscopy after which I didn't have a uti for over 18 months. I now seem to be suffering urethra inflammation although not seen doctor yet. Did you manage to find any numbing Jels? Also wonder if and how your colonoscopy went.

Hoping this post finds you feeling better.
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