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Does anyone have these symptoms or similar ones or have any idea what is going on with me?
-frequently feeling I need to pee but half the time nothing comes out.
-rarely pass more than 100ml of urine.
-once or twice a day urine will be cloudy.
-sometimes there is a little pain when I start to pee which passes almost immediately.
-no pain in bladder
-sometimes when I'm occupied doing something all my symptoms go away only to come back the next time I pee
-doesn't affect my sleep at night,in fact laying on my side gives me some relief as does standing up.
-sometimes ejaculation is painful.

All tests are negative,prostate is healthy as are kidneys.No unwanted bacteria in urethra.Camera in bladder (including when filled with fluid) showed a healthy bladder.

Any ideas are most welcome.

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You sound like you could be really dehydrated-your urine should be very pale.
Measure what you drink and what you pee over 24 hours. Drink 2 litres of water minimum.

Jacqueline de Marigny
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