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Can someone please help me and give an opinion.

I also have symptoms of IC but Urlogist does not what to label me as IC, because my symptoms have been aound for 3 months or so. My pain is more in the uretha and around pelvic floor and after I have urinated I have a slight stingy feeling.  I believe I have IBS but this is more caused by sometimes my diet. Ultra sound and Urine was normal. The cystocopy they did found the bladder wall and lining as normal how ever he found very minimal petchial heamurrages like 2-3. The doc said this is very common in alot of people that dont dont have IC and some IC people dot have any petchial heamurrages. 

 My frequency is like 6 times a day on say drinking 1.5 litres of water, glass of herbal tea and  I dont wake up at night. I have started marshmallow tea and the diet that has been suggested along with an order or Prerelief and MSN.

is there any other males suffering from the same please. This is so distressing at times and I cant believe they dont have a cure or medics for this.




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Hi Addy,

If they found petechial heamorhages - this is IC. IC is inflammation of any kind of the bladder. Not everyone has petechiae but a red inflammation of the bladder lining. It is ridiculous that urologists have the attitude of not wanting to "label" people with IC. Many of them are still in the dark ages with outdated information (i.e. you have to have petechiae for a diagnosis). The problem is that urology departments in the UK are still using outdated criteria on the NIKDD index set up in the USA years ago and which was only used as a research tool. In the US they realised it was missing people and stopped using it, but crazily they are still using it here.

There is a great deal of ignorance and lack of information regarding IC here in the UK. It is also viewed narrowly. Basically it is an auto-immune condition and often very connected to IBS or gut dysbiosis. It can come from excessive antibiotic use or other immune system breakdown like intolerances in food, allergy. If you have "IBS" type symptoms - remember that IBS is just a blanket term. You are probably suffering from dysbiosis and imbalance of the gut flora. This in turn leads to candida, fungal overgrowth in the intestines which travels to bladder, prostate and any other organ through the blood stream. Trying to get the gut in order will help the IC. Try going gluten free as this can be a major problem for some and cause auto-immunity. Try a anti-candida diet, reduce sugars and carbs and get onto a nutrient dense diet. Cut out yeasts in things like beers, breads etc. Basically the more you can reduce the IBS symptoms hopefully the bladder may improve.

Sadly urologists don't look beyond the bladder and do not connect up that the bowel and bladder are closely related in chronic conditions. They also do not look at intolerances and allergy that can irritate the bladder and cause inflammation. Worth researching around auto-immunity, candida and the immune system. A stingy feeling after urinating could be candida. (i.e. thrush in women is seen more easily than in men).
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