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i  they arewas diagnosed with a kidney infection a few weeks ago took abs but can't remembern the name ever since i hace had awful pain in my ribs on the left hand side it fells like someone has kicked me very painful when i move and really sore, i am asol suffering with my bladder uncomfortable passing water and wanted the to wee alot, the Doctor thinks i may be suffering from shingles without the rash,but i was so worried i my water tests came back growing no bacteria so i sent for one privately and have just recieved the results which have really frightened me as it is not e coli but some really long namesthey are pseudomonas putide andklebaiella pneumoniai made the mistake of looking them up on the internet and have frightened myself to death. i just want all this clearing up,can anyone give me any help i just feel absolutley desperate that i am never going to get over all this. Heather.
H.M Whitworth

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Hello heathwhit

I am sorry to hear you have had a kidney infection and continue to be rather poorly. I would suggest that perhaps the initial infection has not cleared and that is leading to persistent problems. The two bugs which have been identified in your urine are Klebsiella and Pseudomonus. As you are probably aware E-Coli is the most prevalent cause of urinary tract infection but these other two organisms also occur within the gut and can invade the urinary tract. They are both gram negative bacteria and as such, D-Mannose may be helpful in making you a little more comfortable. Have you ever tried this supplement? Both these bugs are very persistent and may need a longer course of antibiotics to clear than is available on the NHS. Have you considered having a consultation with the London Professor who has experience of dealing with polymicrobial infections? I am on the advice line tomorrow if you would like to discuss your situation further - please do call if I can help. (0121-702-0820). There is certainly a way forward with this - do not despair!

Susannah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK

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Where can people buy D Mannose in the UK ?
M hughes

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Hi Holiday11
Click on the link alongside this thread Waterfall D mannose.. Health shops, and Amazon to name a few.

Also try and get the Powder that appears to be preferred method..

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