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Hi everyone,

I am in need of some help and advice from fellow sufferers please -

I have suspected IC and was under a Urologist at my local hospital where I was receiving bladder instills (ialuril instills) which were going okay and I had seen slight improvement and my food tolerance was okayish - Unfortunately I had to stop receiving treatment there due to change in staff and care, a change for the worst - so I am now being referred to a different hospital in my area which is bigger and generally better (I Hope!) I am seeing the new Specialist in August which seems so long away 🙁

Anyways, in the meantime I am having to try and manage but I have noticed my IC food tolerance has got a lot worse 😭 I love food and I am a young person so I am finding it really hard to live normally when I am having to think about what to eat all the time.

I have tried a few products I was recommended on this forum by some of you kind people, I have tried Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, D Mannose and Prelief and unfortunately none of those helped with my IC or helped me to tolerate foods with my IC - medication in general seems to aggrevate me more.

I am doing a list of things I can and can't eat and I always check the IC diet list and my partner is helping me a lot to try and create food from scratch so it doesn't upset my bladder - but I am just wondering can anyone recommend what might help my bladder not to get so inflamed and aggrevated from foods (I can't have hot drinks or iced cool drinks as they just go straight to my bladder, I can't have tomato or chocolate or coffee or lemon or berries or butter or ice cream and soya seems to be a new irritant as well as sauces such as ketchup and curry and tartar or caramel and I have to make burgers or cakes from scratch)

Can anyone recommend anything to help me tolerate foods better?

And/Or can anyone recommend any meals or snacks or pizzas or take aways they can tolerate?

I know everyone is different and IC effects everyone differently but I would be very grateful for any suggestions or help.

Thank you very much x

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Ps. In addition to my above post I was meant to be getting take away pizza tonight with friends but I can't have tomato so a tomato sauce base os out and they do bechamel sauce base but that made me bad last time due to the butter and they do herb and garlic sauce base but it contains mustard and vinegar so I daren't try it - anyone have any ideas please? Thanks again x

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Unfortunately everyone is different and can tolerate different foods. I have some days that no matter what I eat my bladder and bowel are going to have a hissy fit even if that food was safe the day before!

Have you tried pizza with a barbecue sauce rather than a tomato sauce?

I tend to keep my meals simple such as jacket potato with tuna, mince (slow cooked in gluten free yeast free stock) potatoes and veg, egg fried rice (usually with added vegetables and occasionally meat), rice noodles with roasted veg.

It is a lot of trial and error and it's taken me 7years to get to this point. It does get easier as you get the hang of it but eating out can be hard work depending where you live (I'm also gluten intolerant and most diary doesn't agree with me which doesn't help!)

Good luck finding what works for you xx

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If your bladder is sensitive to foods then please be careful with sauces such as BBQ sauce as they contains tomatoes. It's amazing how many foods have hidden ingredients that can flare bladders.

Although the IC diet/food list is very helpful a lot of IC sufferers find that their bladders have their own ideas on what foods they like and don't like. A lot of IC sufferers sadly find that it's trial and error as to what foods and combination of foods their bladders can tolerate.

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When I have pizza, I don't have any sauce as a base, just cheese and toppings and it tastes great.

I use Quark as a substitute for loads of things...yoghurt, creamy sauce,'s very versatile.

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Thanks to everyone for your comments, I will bear them in mind, it's nice to know it's not just me out there who is like this.

If anyone has any more help or advice please don't hesitate to contact me [smile]

Thanks x

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Pre relief from Amazon its an american product. You can use this when you want to eat something acidic. I had pizza with homemade tomato sauce yesterday and took 2/3 with it. I haven't suffered. 

I can't have yogurt but can eat coconut yogurt, quorn sausages and avoid anything with Soya with it. 
As for pizza usually have spinach with a egg on top lovely and you can get this pizza from pizza express when you eat out. 

I been on the ic diet for three years and it is my opinion quite healthy.

Jermiah 29:11

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Hi Elanaoali,

I have tried Prerelief from Amazon but unfortunately it seemed to make my symptoms worse, I am very sensitive to tablets so think they aggrevated my bladder which was a huge shame as I had heard really good things from people on this forum about them.

I too avoid soya as I have found that it makes me bad.

I am following the IC diet really closely now and I was recommended Quark on this forum page, which I tried for the first time last night and it was lovely, I was so pleased as it now makes otherwise boring meals tasty [smile]

Thanks for your reply, everyone's help is much appreciated.


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I am a big believer in Prelief, and have had IC for 3 years now, and take the tablets quite regularly which I feel protect me very satisfactorily from symptoms of IC.

However I might add, in addition to this I have bladder instillations every 2 months, which I feel help, I drink plain Actimel each morning with 1000mg cid liver oil, and 1000gm glucosamine, 2 Buscopan each night, drink lots of bottled water, and I am doing really well. I am 95% better than I was 3 years ago, I don't drink spirits, carbonated drinks, foods which have preservatives in them, and if I continue with this plan, I seem to be fine, and can enjoy life, to the best.

Never Lose Hope, Things can get Better 

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Pre relief has a warning now not to be taken every day, Google Ic forum and pre relief it's not suppose to be for ever day use Just occasional.
Jermiah 29:11
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