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I'm hoping someone can help me please.  I have constant pain in my bladder but no urge.  I can hold a good amount in my bladder but because it's so painful I go very often.

I'm sure i have a bladder infection but the doctors say I haven't.  I would like a referral to a doctor who specialises in long term antibiotic treatment.  My doctor is willing to refer me but I don't know who to? I live in Lincolnshire.  
Please can someone private message me the name of their doctor, i'm desperate for help.

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Contact me via Facebook I understand your woes. The Prof I know is restricted by remit but very highly thought of amongst peers & patients  as stands up to be counted .One of the few. He kept my kidneys clear[ sepsis scarsfrom childhood ]  knowing a disability was found re them in 1969  when you could actually have flexible patient orientated Research that crossed the body areas. Ignored by NHS  for 50 years now 71.He took me on when suffering cysts & boils below because of  primary cellulitis & fact that with neurogenic bladder one ureter too many can't catheterise , because of cellulitis lipo-lymphoedema ignored .With this can't endure painful  procedures needing sedation  deliberately not provided for as mostly women have with breast cancer & treatment archaic run by McMillan Nurses & CCG balancing the books using Choose & Book their Choice .  Could this be another MeToo situation definitely .Not so long ago it was all male but now the double glazing salesman have infiltrated as research, symptoms & the raising of issues neglected deliberately via Call Centres with no discretion & are illegal.
Unfortunately when I moved 5yrs ago no-one  saw to it these vital appts were transferred out of London despite over 50 requests there & here & changing surgeries re withholding & restricting  antibiotics  as every round of Cuts they target me first to point of MI cardiac arrest partly due to stress of antibiotic being withheld [ NHS POLICY ] he has actually proved problems show up on non testing microscopes made worse by underlying conditions  .I suspect problems Microvascular .

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