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Hi everyone. So glad I have found this helpful website.
After many episodes of cystitis I read an article in the newspaper recommending Hiprex. My consultant gave me a private percription for it as my surgery wouldn't, due to its cost even though it is NHS endorsed.
Has anybody found this helps? I find I am now becoming resistant to antibiotics and that worries me.
Apparently you do not become resistant to Hiprex.
Many thanks. Nell


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Hi Nell,

I am currently on Hiprex and it is working well for me.  I had long term antibiotics and then stopped those at the beginning of this year and have been taking Hiprex only.  There was a problem with supply a few weeks ago and I was without them for a couple of weeks; after five days I noticed the horrible old symptoms returning and had to go back on antibiotics for a spell.  Hiprex is now available again and I'm relying on that only.  It helps the Hiprex to work well if you take it with vitamin C.  

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I'm on Hiprex too and have been for about four months. I find it really helpful.

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Hi I know I am reviving an old thread here, but can you tell me more about Hiprex please and who is this professor you are referring to?
I suffer nonstop uti, my gp is now trying me on single dose antibiotics and I wondered if hiprex would help me. 

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It's very likely that it could help you.  We're not permitted to give the London Prof's full name here, but if you contact Bladder Health UK helpline they can tell you.  Hiprex should be easily available from your GP.  It is an antiseptic as opposed to antibiotic, so it's not the same as taking antibiotics on a long term basis.  I've been taking it together with vitamin C for a good couple of years now and I remain free of UTI symptoms.  Apparently it doesn't suit everybody though.
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