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Can someone give me some hope, I have had the mother of all flare ups since before xmas, and I know its due to because I was fine up till then, I had a three xmas do's and was drinking and eating things I would not normally eat in such volume.

such a fool I have been I am paying for it big time since then and missed eating my xmas dinner and being too much pain to enjoy things, the pain is just miserable, cant stop weeing and feeling the need to wee again even just been, I cannot walk my dog cause it hurts too much and to top it off I have had the worst period to make it more unbearable.

I have been eating blandly for a week and just drinking water and having painkillers, but the flare is still there, will it ever go away??

I have not been properly diagnosed as I have been able to control it with my diet and been managing it ok with a couple of flares every now and then, and that's been down to food or drink. 

will this flare eventually go away or have I set myself for a bad bladder now? I am so beside my self.

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Sorry to hear you are going through a bad flare - I am going through my first really bad flare in 3.5 years and its been ongoing for 10 days now so ruined Xmas :-(

I have EC as opposed to IC so I have used prednisolone to control my flares over past 20 years and have been back on it for 5 days - hoping it will settle down again within next couple of weeks.

I honestly think that looking at your situation logically (which is hard when you are midst of a flare and feeling frightened and in pain) and can say that i am sure that this flare will settle over the next couple of weeks if you eat and drink carefully. Your bladder is irritated and inflamed and it will take time to reduce this through diet but hang in there and keep at it it and keep a positive mindset as much as possible. I know how hard that is as I have been in tears and rage several times over Xmas but I am hopeful that the meds will work despite whatever caused my flare (still not sure as didn't do anything different to normal).

Sending you much positive thoughts and best wishes x
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