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I've been taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Oil of Oregano to keep my bladder calm before I see Doctor A. Is it wise to take these both together continuosly? I know for supplements such as Uva Ursi that you can only take them for a week at a time.

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Hi Cat

With regard to OOO, its probably best to do the following

Although oregano oil is very effective for acute infections, it may become toxic when used continuously for more than a month. Since it takes only a few days for it to clear up most infections, this is not a problem. For those who are plagued with recurrent urine infections, one good approach is to take five drops of oil twice a week as a preventive.

It can also be quite strong on the stomach so its best to have a break after a couple of weeks if it is causing any heartburn or stomach issues.

With regard to GSE, it is truly a broad-spectrum natural antibiotic, capable of killing a wide variety of pathogens.  Highly active against protozoabacteriayeast and some viruses, it has been used for quite some time in the treatment of parasiticinfections.  It is nontoxic, generally hypoallergenic and can be administered for up to several months, which may be required to eliminate stubborn infections.

If you are planning to do a broth culture before your appointment then its best to stop all naturals at least 5 days before you do your culture.  Dr A can advise further with regard to length of treatment once you see her.

Good luck
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