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I too am looking into alternative diet/supplements treatments but I am overwhelmed by the contradictory diets and info out there. If you had success, can you PM me the diet/supplements or alternative specialists you used successfully in London?

I have had IBS symptoms for a decade at least, suspected with SIBO about 5 years ago (breath test came back negative), but I also think there is a link. I have been on a PPI for about 6 years and was already on an alkaline diet when IC hit me 6 months ago after eliminating a kidney stone.

For those doing the candida diet, what do you eat? When I cross the IC and low oxalate diet with the Candida diet, there does not seem to be a lot left to eat. Almond milk for ex flares me and it is oxalate high.


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How did I miss all these replies? And how do I reply to each individually? 18 months later I've read all the replies! I firmly believe in the connection between leaky gut and IC.

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The best way is to click on each person's name and send them a personal message explaining about their original post and that you would like more guidance if they are happy to help.

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I realize I'm late to this topic but apparently home made bone broth is good for a leaky gut. I get animal bones from an organic/free range farm where the animals are grass fed. My family swear by this stuff and even for me - I can notice my skin has improved.

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Hi there

I realise this is an old link, but, please can you PM the the name of the clinic mentioned in london please too ?



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Hi amy

As you say this is an old thread and may not being followed at moment.

click on the persons name alongside the message posted, and you can e. mail or Pm them direct.

Hope this helps.

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