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Hi everyone,


Does anybody know how to make this properly?  I've been putting a teaspoon of the dried root into a teaball and leaving it in just boiled water for 5-10 minutes.  It goes a very pale yellow colour, but isn't 'gooey' at all.  Should I be boiling it or leaving it in cold water for a few hours so it goes gooey?  I'm not sure if it works if you don't drink the goo, but then I've also read that leaving it for too long or boiing it 'til it goes gooey is to strong for sore bladders, it's a bit confusing!!




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Hi sirzy,

I bought some marshmallow root from Neal's Yard, and they advised not putting hot water on it at all, but instead soaking it in cold water overnight. Having said that, it still didn't really seem to go gooey so not really sure.


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Hi Sandra,


Thanks for the reply.  I've heard that too, funnily enough, I left my teaball on the drainer last night and it must have had some of the MMR still still in it because there was some yellow 'jelly' around it this morning, which must be the mucilage.  I'm just worried that leaving it over night or simmering it in hot water might make it too strong.  I'm not even sure if you need to drink the 'goo' as in the book 'To Wake In Tears', she says just dip the teaball in hot water a few times, but then she also says on her website that MMR tea is gooey!!  So I'm not sure what to do with it, would really like to give it a proper try though.


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Hi there,


I have foudn this for you and hope it helps.....



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      Bring 1 pint of water to a boil.

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      Pour the boiling water over 1 ounce of dried marshmallow leaves. Steep, covered, until you find that it has cooled off.

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      Strain the tea and flavor with ginger or your favorite sweetener. Reheat as needed.

Read more: How to Make Marshmallow Tea |

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Hi Emma,


Thanks for the link, I just need to be brave and steep it for longer, maybe!



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