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I saw an advert for this vaginal lubricant in the last edition of your magazine Bladder Heath, and since menopause and IC issues my vagina became extremely dry and sore. I have tried hormonal creams, but they were messy and weren’t clear in colour. I found they stung me and caused more irritation rather than doing what they should do and keep the vagina moist.

I have written about my journey with IC before, I have just about got IC under control, I still continue to have Bladder instillations every 2 months, now going on 4 years, and can eat just about anything and everything again, but my physical relationship with my husband had just about come to a stand still, due to my vagina losing lubrication with menopause and that was something that really concerned me, and having any physical contact was just too painful.

I decided to try this product and WOW I am so impressed, it’s not messy, it’s clear, easy to insert with an applicator, and it’s doing the trick of lubricating my insides without any discomfort whatsoever. You apply the gel 3 times a week, and for me it’s working, I have been able to resume my physical relationship with my husband again without any pain, so thanks for that advert Bladder Health in your magazine, because not only have I got IC under control now, I am enjoying a loving physical relationship with my hubby again - what a brilliant product, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is post menopausal and has issues such as this. 😊👍

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Hello, would you mind explaining how you managed to get your IC under control. I am not receiving any help from my GP and my urologist, after a clear Cystoscopy, has no further advice for me as he said it was unlikely I had IC as there is no evidence in my bladder and don't have pelvic pain, as such he has not arranged a follow up appointment; he did provide a months supply of Betmiga.

The original problem stated following a Uti bit has now been going on for three and half months. I am avoiding caffeine and limiting sugar where I can but still have nearly constant frequency, bizzarely the urethral pain that originally accompanied it has reduced and since I stopped the Betmiga the burning following a pee has also reduced significantly but the frequency is still a problem. I have no issues with intimacy.

I am becoming totally desperate with this distressing problem and would appreciate any advice,


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Hello Lola2018
I am sure chrysalis will reply later, but here is two of her several posts, that she so kindly tells of of her journey.

also some further assistance

Hope some of this may help
Kind regards


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Hi Lola2018

As you will see from the links that Moderator Kate put on the thread in answer to your question, when I realised I had IC I read all the info I could find, watched Youtube videos, read the IC forum from the USA, and eventually joined Bladder Health UK.

Initially started with a very bland strict IC diet for 6 months, no caffeine, no frizzy drinks, no processed foods, no citrus fruits,no tomatoes, peppers, sauces, no alcohol - a bland alkaline diet that was boring, but what I found was an hour after I had eaten this boring bland diet my Bladder didn’t scream “get this urine out now”. I would drink a glass of bicarbonate of soda each morning, pure alkaline and tasted horrible, but I drank it, I started probiotics, COD liver oil and glucosamine, buscopan for spasms and most important started Bladder instillations at my local hospital (which was around 3 + years ago ) and which I still have now every 2 months.

Moving forward I found the tablet Prelief which is manufactured in the USA. You take this before eating food and it converts anything that is acidic into alkaline so that when it passes as urine into the Bladder it doesn’t sting. Why it’s not manufactured in this country I don’t know, but Prelief became my best friend. I started introducing foods I Used to eat and drink, my first cup of decaf coffee after 6 months, and other foods that I had once eaten before IC, and gradually my bladder began to accept them little by little, not all at once but in moderation.

And so, it has continued, I can now eat most things again including rose wine, but I avoid citrus fruits, carbonated drinks, spirits, and highly processed foods.

My IC has become a way of life, and I think of it like anyone who has any other dietary issues like diabetes, crones, coeliac disease etc. I know what my triggers are and I avoid them, but at the same time I believe everything I have done has helped my Bladder to heal itself, and am now able to live a normal life again, eating almost everything I could eat before this disease became a part of my life. Everyone is different, it’s a case of finding out and experimenting what works for you. Regards Chrysalis 😊👍

Never Lose Hope, Things can get Better 
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