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Thank you for having this forum.
My symptoms started in 2008 so it's been a long time. The same symptoms as a lot of people here, by far the worst is bladder pain. I have tried some abs but not long term, at the beginning I could see a huge improvement but then the same old pain, frequency etc.
before I read about biofilm infections etc, I thought in my own that maybe there are not enough the abs doses that I had from the doctor. I was begging to give me more and of course they didn't.
Long story short, they perscribed me an SSRI that didn't seem to work either. I have had a lot of flares during the past years with excruciating pain. Then it would go away on its own?!...and there you,go again, flares and remissions...
The flares are very painful, and I believe I cannot take it anymore, I cannot live like that, this situation has changed my personality, I have become depressed!
I read here about this London prof and I have an appt with him in December, privately, as I think that he sees in his clinic only those who live in North London ( please correct me if wrong).
I don't know if I have a biofilm infection but I was wondering, has anyone gone there and told him/her that he/she doesn't have a biofilm infection?
I know that if I have one, he will put me on long-term abs and that it will have its ups and downs but how can we discriminate that the ups and downs are from the profs regime and not from the natural healing of the bladder? We all know that it takes time for the bladder to heal after a UTI for example, so can you have these flares and go away on their own because of natural healing and not because of abs?
Lastly, if anyone has any success from this biofilm therapy, with no symptoms back could you please send here?i have read about success stories, but it would be great if someone could post after lets say, one two years since the last day he/she saw the prof and is TOTALLY fine?
I am sorry for my long post, I am so frustrated from all this. I just want my life back...

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Kat I will pm you.

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Susan, thank you!

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We have a Biofilm success story in the forthcoming edition of our Winter magazine.

Susanah Fraser

for Bladder Health UK
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