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I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in August this year and am currently researching the web like mad trying to understand this horrible condition. I am religiously following the IC diet which I find incredibly boring as before my diagnosis I was a definite foodie, who loved cooking and trying ethnic unusual foods.

During my research I have found information on Alkaline diets which seems totally contradictory to the IC diet. They say certain alkaline foods when digested have an acid effect on our bodies and certain acid foods when digested have an Alkaline effect on the body, ie lemons.  If this is the case, why can’t we eat lemons? I am really confused as to the difference in the diets. Can someone advise me?


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Hello AllyTee
Welcome to the Forums.
Sadly with this dis -ease of ours ,there are so many conflicting avenues to research and the other problem is we are all different and what is good for one person is totally unsuitable for another.

To help you, why not have a look at the cob website, this page IC Diet HERE is very informative and if you become a member of COB ( link ) below.

You will receive so much more information, and you would also have access to the Nutrition service.

Do hope this will help you and you can find lots of advice from reading through this Forum.

Kind regards


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Hi AllyTee,

Did you find out any more about IC diet versus alkaline diet? I was diagnosed not long ago and am also really puzzled by the way that the classic IC dietary advice is to avoid anything acidic, but then alkaline diets are practically opposite to the IC diet, saying, as you pointed out, that acidic foods can have an alkaline effect, and giving advice such as "add lemon juice to water to make it more alkaline"!!

I joined COB a while ago and it's helpful, but I've not yet found answers to this.

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Hello, the alkaline diet you are referring to is a list of foods that are claimed to alkalinize the body as a whole. I've heard of this as a treatment for all sorts including cancers. I'm not sure how it fits with I.C sufferers though. I think generally acidic foods such as lemon juice are going to cause pain.

The other thing is that we are all different, it really is trial and error. My two worst triggers are all forms of sugar and all nuts. Particularly cashew nuts - these are both in the green columb of the ICN diet list.

Hope this helps.
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