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it seems like orange juice is ok to drink....what are your opinions on this? I don't to drink too much of it but since winter is coming soon, I thought I could do with some extra "vitamin C"...


what about vitamin C in other "forms' (like pills, combined vitamins etc...) is it safe for us?


thank you for your reply



all the best to you all

With best wishes,


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Orange juice is definitely NOT ok for most people with IC - it is too acidic.  Neither is any citrus fruit or anything containing citric or ascorbic acid- which includes a lot of Vitamin C tablets etc.  You can get Vit C that is "buffered" with calcium, to help it not be so acidic.  Everyone is different though and if you are ok with oranges or orange juice, that's great.

Have you had a look at the info on food on this site- and there is also more on - the US site.


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I can't touch orange juice, just looking at it makes me feel ill. I have to cut out most fruits whch contain Vit C, so I had to start taking Vit C supplements to replace it.


Kerry x

Survivor of IC since November 2002, finally diagnosed in Summer 2004. Had 4 cystoscopy's, 4 hydro-distentions, 3 urethral stretchers, 1 laparoscopy, 4 urodynamics, numerous ultra-scans, Cystistat and DMSO instils of which I have lost count, perform ISC, suffer with retention, pain, bleeding, frequency and urgency and now have a urethral stricture. Had botox injections in Nov 2014. I'm on ibuprofen and tramadol daily along with my other six daily tablets.

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Oranges and lemons are my 2 main no nos-i really miss drinking orange juice but it really upset my bladder. I can handle orange squash tho.



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i have an allergy to orange juice any way so that dosen't bother me i have found i can drink Ribena as long as i don't go to mad with it


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hi everyone,
have just read the new cob summer magazine but im a bit confused,someone recommends a cordial but i looked it up and it has citric acid in it?doesn't citric acid make the symptoms of ic worse?i thought it would cos its acidic?ive stopped drinking squash now and have bottled water but there is only so much water and herbal tea you can drink!has anyone found some drinks that are suitable to stop inflammation of the bladder or that are generally ok for ic sufferers?
any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Amy x

oh and i forgot to mention has anyone read the cob magazine yet?the section on managing ic flares is great,im planning on starting a journal to see what triggers my flares.does anyone else keep journals to help them with their bladder pain?


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Even the the thought of orange juice makes me shudder!!!


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Orange juice though acidic is supposed to be alkalinizing when it goes through the system! but that does not seem to ring true for people with IC. My son gets extreme pain with orange and most people like Louise says only need to look at it and it causes pain.  It may be because orange juice is packed with sugar and sugar and candida are a disaster for the bladder.  Seems to be same with all fruits and particularly citrus fruits. We tried a little lemon and lime - also supposed to alkalinize but every time - pain.  It could be both the acid and the sugar, and anyway sugar creates acid. Its a real problem in hot weather when you want just something flavoured and long for the taste of fruits - also you don't get the vitamin C.

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I can't do oranges or orange juice - its a really killer both for my IC and IBS.  I normally react to it within four hours of eating/drinking. 

Have only just discovered this - but the discover was easy to make, due to their very profund effect on me!!!

Eating apples have the same effect - not sure about apple juice but i'm ok with apple squash as long as its wel diluted. 

Diagnosed with IC and Fowlers Syndrome
Decision finally made - i'm having the Scaral Neuromodulation - have been told Stage 1 should happen sometime in Decemeber 2011..........

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I cannot tolerate orange juice at all. 

 Buffered Vitmain C is suppose to be ok for those with IC, to be honest Im to frightened to try it !


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 I didn't realise about Vitamin C tablets - no wonder I'm having a bad time at the moment.
This has been driving me mental.

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it is a source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), potassium, folic acid (Vitamin B9). Citrus juices also contain flavonoids that are believed to have beneficial health effects.

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Getting enough Vitamin C is a real problem - how about pears and blueberries?  They seem to be the only fruits that the majority of IC-ers can manage. (with lots of apologies to those of you whose bladders get upset at these too!).
The trouble is getting nice things with these fruits in that dont have anything else lurking in like apples or citric acid!
I am trying to make a list of things available in the supermarkets that maybe ok.

Caroline aka Stephsmum!
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