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Hi to all
I've got kidney infection for 3weeks on 3rd lot of antibiotics and have had blood in catheter I hope its not the start of c word CU's I wouldn't be able to cope with it I just don't get why its taking so long to go lots of urgency too n pain when I wee n like a
funny feeling in my bladder like inflammation all the time

Any advise would be welcome.


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Hello Dolphin 500

Oh poor you, I am sorry no one has replied.

How worrying, I do hope you have telephoned your Doctor or Nurse, as anything new is always worth investigating.

I hope they can reassure you, but more importantly discover why it is taking so long for improvement.

Do keep posting and let us know how you are feeling.

Kind regards


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Hello Dolphin,

Sorry you are so ill. I aplogise, but I must be a bit thick... but what is c word CU's. You said you hoped it was not the start of it? Do you mean cystitis? As I have not come across this phrase before?

Anyhow, you certainly have been on an awful lot of antibiotics and the doctor should really be taking heed as to what is happening if you did not respond to the first antibiotics. It isn't good just to give a lot more out due to the problems of resistence.  You most likely now would have candida overgrowth. Candida will come on extremely easily on even the fewest of antibiotics, so the doctor needs to look at this for you otherwise it could make your condition far worse.

Garlic is a good natural antibiotic and very powerful. Have you tried Allicin Max?


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Hi to all

No but I have another urology appointment on the 7th of November; I meant I hope its not cancer with the blood; ect I will get it sorted on the 7th when I see Racheal.
I am still getting urgency with the interstim it won't let me turn it up for some reason.

I will check with her on the 7th of Nov.
Must dash packing going to Devon later on for a week.

Dolphin 500.
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