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i am really at my wits end and fell dreadful i was diagnosed with a kidney infection and have just finished a course of a bs and nothing has changed, stabbing pain in left kidney especially if i cough ar move, feeling burny when i wee, it as if my kineys won' tolerate the abs. Went to see a doctor yesterday more worried about bone cancer because o9f the pain up my ribs so he has arranged blood tests and a water test and also an ultrascan, but this morning every thing seems to be in the kidney area and i wissh i had pushed this harder, sorry if this sounds so panicky but that is exactly what i am doing,i can't believe the abs haven't worked if i am resistant them whatever is going to happen to me.How long after taking the abs should i wait to give another water test.i just feel this is the end for me i will never be well again i do not have youth on my side.Heather.
H.M Whitworth

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Hello Heather
Am so sorry you are so panicky, but understandable,

How many days were you on the AB's and which one, this will help anyone looking in, to offer you some advice hopefully.

Did the Doc say he was concerned about Bone cancer?

I am sure you will have read previous replys to you and others by Moderator Susan.

Have you tried D, Mannose ( if it was e. coli) or Oil of Oregano. Wonder if they may offer some relief, before your next visit.
I know it is not easy, when you re so worried, also have you also tried a warm hottie or wheat bag around the kidneys.


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Hi. Sometimes first Antibi given is general choice if they don't work should do further test and prescribe more specific antibi ASAP. Although taking them is not what you want may be necessary evil to clear kidney infection. Try taking probiotics alongside to try to restore some good gut bacteria for general health. Regarding panic and anxiety would highly recommend seeking some CBT. Cognitive behaviour therapy which can be extremely helpful. Hope you feel better soon.

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Hi heather please try desert harvest aloe I have had ic for 20 years it has changed my life
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