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Have you tried marshmallow root?  It's supposed to be really soothing for ic and also has a mild laxative effect.

I steep I teaspoonful of the root in cold water overnight and then warm it very gently for 10 minutes, so that it hot enough to drink, but it must not boil.  Then strain it and enjoy!  Can't say its a wonderful taste, but its ok.

I only have one cup a day, but when I saw a herbalist, she said I should be taking it 3 times a day (maybe to boost her sales!

I believe a few people with ic have had problems with marshmallow root, but I do think its important not to let it get too hot and once it is heated to drink it straight away. 

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You could try psylium husks.  I take this - its a dry substance that you add to water.  I think its an ayurvedic type treatment - my Indian colleague is very in to natural/food healing and yoga.  Its expensive if you but it in Holland and Barrett but try looking out for it in Indian stores where it is much much cheaper. 

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Thanks for all your ideas on this topic.
I use psyllium husks on & off... they seem to work for a while & then they don't any more.
I've heard it said that it's a good idea to vary how you deal with this problem.
At the moment things are ticking along ok with Ortisan fruit cubes, and I've  managed to reduce my dose of Tolterodine which is helpful.


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Steph was using dulcolax or senakot (depending on what we had in the cupboard) until her Uro nurse said that these two work by irritating the bowel and stimulating them to contract - ie. not ideal for bladders next door! So she has gone to lactulose (a pure sugar) which has proved to be much more bladder friendly.


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bumping up the board as constipation is a hot issue at the moment

best wishes
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