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I’ve suffered from UTIs and cystitis since I was eight years old. I’ve had investigations (ultra sounds, cystoscopy, bladder emptying tests etc) but they have all come back fine. The only thing identified was that I had a slightly narrow urethra, which means it might be easier for infections to take hold.

I’ve been on and off long term low dose drugs at night, but conscious that as I started these young (mid 20s) that the infections may become immune to these. I’m currently off these but still suffer from UTIs.

I have a big issue with quality of life. When I get UtI symptoms I first try to treat it with ibuprofen, to double check it’s not just inflammation. Then if it progresses I try (and normally fail) to get a doctors appointment. I then end up going to the walk in, getting a short term course, but not having a sample sent off so it’s never on my records or they don’t know what the infection is (or whether it’s just inflammation). I then try and get a follow up drs appointment which could be a week or two after (sometimes the infection had cleared up, sometimes it hasn’t) and they say ‘we can’t send a sample as you’ve been on antibiotics, next time come to us straight away’.

Sorry for the long post but I feel like I’m going round in circles. It’s affecting my relationship as sex is one of the triggers so I often try and avoid this but don’t want to.

I just want to know how I can manage this as a long term condition. I’ve been referrred to a consultant again but everytime I see a consultant I’m told there’s nothing they can do.

Any help of suggestions would be really appreciated.

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Hello Mrs D
Welcome to the Forum and hope you will find much support, Do also consider joining BHUK, they have so much more to offer than we cn hope to cover on the Forum.

Here are few pointers from earlier posts that may help.

Here is what the website says
Q: I am prone to an attack of bacterial cystitis after sexual intercourse, what can I do to prevent this?

A: Tips to help you avoid cystitis following sexual intercourse include:

    Pass urine before and after sex (within 15 minutes).
    Wash before and after sex (this includes your partner). Remember that it is important to wash your hands as well as your genitals.
    If natural lubrication is a problem, lubricating gels can be purchased from a pharmacy.
    If a diaphragm is your method of contraception, then ensure that it is fitted correctly.
    If the problem persists despite these measures, your GP may recommend taking a single antibiotic tablet/capsule immediately following intercourse. This frequently helps to prevent the problem.

Also from earlier posts this comment.
 A good book to get hold of is the Angela Kilmartin book about cystitis. Lots of lifestyle tips for managing this and her bottle washing technique. Wipe front to back always. Shower don't bath and no foam bath products in the bath or down below. And practice the bottle washing technique each time you pass a stool or have sex.

and Here

Hope this a help before hopefully others may reply.

Kind regards


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Maybe it would be worth going to see one of the specialists in persistent infection? Have you ever tried hipprex? I can,t take it but there are people who get a lot of relief from it if it doesn’t,t irritate. Thee.s lots of other natural things to help but no doubt you,ve tried them already! I started long term antibiotics but at a high dose and am doing ok, it.s an option.
Hope you get some ideas from here!

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Thanks Kate and Jude, I hadn’t heard of the bottle washing technique or hipperex.

I will definitely look into these and see if they work and also mention them to the consultant when I see them at the end of the month.

I will also look into joining BHUK as well.
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