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I just wondered if any one has tried marshmallow root, it has been mentioned in a couple of books I have been reading. If you have has it helped or aggravated your problems. Also where did you get it from?


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I ordered it over the internet (sorry, can't remember where) - if you google it you will find a supplier.    
Sadly it did nothing to help me.


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I know this is a bit late, but I found marshmallow root great.  Last time I had a flare it was the onl thing that soothed.  It also soothes IBS.  I use the powdered form and just mix it with some water (just half a tsp at a time is fine).  You can buy it on line from Baldwins herbalists in London (easily Googled).  I would really recommend it.

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I think I might try that then. I note you say that you've tried the powder. They do sell the tincture, the powder, the root (organic and otherwise) and the root itself. Which is the best and does it say how much and how you take it? You say half a teaspoon - I take that to mean half a teaspoon of the powder - with how much water and how many times a day? M.


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I have some root at home, I believe you leave the actual root to steep in cold water for several hours, and then you can heat the strained water. I just put a mug in the microwave.  I read that Catherine Simmone suggests two drinks per day.

I'm still unsure about it myself and am not taking it at the moment as I'm just recovering from a mini flare and I am not sure if I react to it or not.  I plan to wait until I feel better and then I might try it again to see if I have any reaction.

This article contains some info.

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I found marshmallow root tea very diuretic and it increased frequency and urgency.

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Just to say that although I found the last lot of marshmallow root powder fabulous and really helpful in a flare up, the new lot I have bought (same supplier) smelt different and doesn't seem to help at all.  I am so disappointed as I used to really rely on it and the other night my only recourse was to Valium as I was so bad.  It's a shame but I guess the new batch is from a different source or something.

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Has anyone tried Vesteva natural remedy capsules for OAB?


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Has anyone tried Wheargrass? Either in tablet / juice / or powder form. If so what benefit did you get please?
Thank you.


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From what I've read Marshmallow Root should be taken separately from other medications because it can reduce their effects
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