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Hi there

I’m new to the site so hi everyone :-)

After 10 months of being poked and prodded I’ve been diagnosed with IC. I’m currently in the states on holiday however once I return to the UK, I’m to start a 6 week course of bladder instillation (I’ve not been provided as yet of exactly what this will entail though I’ve researched it, however would appreciate any comments from those who have had the treatment, and the results).

Since I arrived last week, I’ve been in almost constant, excruciating pain. At home I normally have more bad than good days however I do normally get a day or two of reprieve. Not so at the moment. The pain is so bad I’m struggling to walk.

I’ve tried a couple of US meds however nothing is even taking the edge off. Ideally I’d like to try a natural remedy next and marshmallow root and aloe vera leaf keep coming up as helping relieve the symptoms of IC.

Has anyone tried either and what are your thoughts?


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Hello Lyndsey

So sorry to read of your problems especially whilst on holiday.

When you return to uk, do contact BHUK and become a Member as you will then have access to so much more reliable info to assist you.
In the mean time read through this thread as it has loads of info and links, that will help.

Kind regards


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Hi there, I found both marshmallow root tea and aloe Vera capsules really helpful in the long term in improving my bladder pain and general bladder health. I also use a lot of turmeric in drinks and cooking, both organic, powder and root form. For short term relief of pain I took Bicarbonate of soda mixed with potassium Bicarbonate, ratio 4-1, in lots of water. Azo is fantastically effective for occasional short term pain relief. You can get it on Amazon. My biggest triggers are still alcohol and caffeine so I avoid these religiously. Hope you get some relief soon. A
A Gent

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Thanks Adrianna, really appreciate your response and suggestions, I’ll give anything a go!
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