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I have a "low, distended bladder that doesn't stretch like normal bladders" with IC due to some psych meds I took for a while- not naming any meds bc they really do help some people.😅 we're treating it with OAB meds and I was wondering if anyone else has had OAB and treated it? Because things have only worked at *tiny* bit or temporarily. I see my urologist this thurs, so I wanted to have some potential options to bring up. Basically, I feel like I have to pee every second of the day and never know when it's real or not. I'm sure y'all know what that is like. [rolleyes]

What I've tried:
Detrol- works kinda. Best one so far. On now. When I started it, I was only going to the bathroom every 2 hours. Now, whenever I leave the house, it's every hour or so.
Myrbetriq- Did not work, despite being the best, newest med out there.

I even consulted with a herbalist, and this is what she recommended:
Marshmallow root- works kinda. Soothes the IC. 
Cornsilk extract- I have tried an extensive amount, more than the recommended, but doesn't seem to work. I was on it for a few days, but it was just too many pills 3x a day.

I really want to get this fixed. It is very embarrassing, uncomfortable, and I feel like people notice. It's a constant struggle. Any help is appreciated.
Also, I drink about 84 ounces of water per day with meals. I don't actually usually have to pee when I go, but it shows that I don't intake a lot of caffeine on a daily basis. Urologist says it isn't a caffeine problem after I showed him my bladder diary.

Thank you!

Lucy Black

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Hello there

I can see that you are US based and this is a UK based charity and forum site.  To help you further, its probably best to contact the following US based IC and OAB support groups:

The IC Network

The Interstitial Cystitis

The Urology Care Foundation

Its probably best with Natural Remedies to make them as infusions rather than tablets as the tablets have to get through the stomach juices first and can be destroyed and the molecules can be too large to be excreted through the kidneys.  Herbal teas are often better as they are excreted through the kidneys.  Some can be diuretics so its best to check which may overexcite the bladder causing more frequency.  Your herbalist should be able to advise.

Good luck with your treatment.
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