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Hello Elanaoli.

Thank you for re posting on our Forums, but sorry to read of your Husbands unfortunate bike accident, hope it will recover well and will then relieve you of the added stress.

The more we discover and the more we can help each other, gives us all ideas to help ourselves.

I found these two links that may offer further assistance, if you are a member of BHUK, they have a information they can send you regarding Cimetidine, which you will read in the BHUK link.

I also wonder if you could maybe sit on one of those doughnut rings, to ease the pressure when driving.

Do keep us posted. kind regards


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Dear Kate 

Thank you replying to my post and the suggestions. I have found a neck pillow which I using to sit on. I made an appointment with my local doctors to see if they can suggest anything to help with the uncomfortable feeling I am having. 

Will keep your posted. 

Jermiah 29:11

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Hi Dee,
Like all of us who suffer with IC, at times the problems we suffer can feel unbearable.
I was particularly taken by your post, as you have been through so much with your health and yet you are kind enough to offer a shoulder to others. You are an inspiration to others, and this site clearly attracts wonderful people who support one another and keep us all focused on trying to get better and helping fellow sufferers.
Thank you.

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Hello all,

I am 27 and have just been diagnosed with IC after four years of suffering through the symptoms. The posts on this forum have really resonated with me and thank you to everyone out there giving great advice, it really helps.
I haven't started any long term treatments yet but have found the leaflets​ provided by bladder health UK really great.
I have read that diet plays a large part in managing symptoms and would love to know if anyone could recommend a suitable nutritionist in the north london area, preferably Islington. Please pm me with details.
I would also love to meet up with a support group in the north London area, feeling a bit alone and would love to chat!
X Gabby


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Hi Gabbi

Please pm me and I can send you details of a great nutritionist based in London who has worked with BHUK and a number of their members. There is a north London meet up group so if you call the BHUK office they can give you details they meet monthly and usually at least one Saturday in 3 for those who work.

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Hi Susan, just sent you a pm. Thanks!
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