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Hi guys,

I stumbled across this forum the other night and have found it very helpful. I am 24, nearly 25 and have suffered from bladder issues for as long as I can re
I had my first UTI at 18 months old and was under the care of the urology department until I was 4 years old. I was tested for bladder reflux which came back negative but the doctors found I have different sized kidney valves (not sure if that means anything!)

Since being small I’ve had very bad bladder pain and the most awful feeling after going to the bathroom. I used to think it was normal and was relieved when it went away when I was 12/13. Unfortunately the pain came back about 4 years ago, along with the awful feeling after using the bathroom and now urgency issues too. I have been tested for UTIs several times, all with negative results. I was referred to the urologist clinic again last year and was told I was likely to have IC. However after I had tests I was told by a different dismissive doctor I was fine, had no problems and to drink cranberry juice. I was mortified, and so embarrassed I never went back to see my doctor.

The pain and urgency has gotten worse this last year so I’m going back to my doctors on Wednesday and I’m determined not to be fobbed off again!

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Hello lala93
"However after I had tests I was told by a different dismissive doctor I was fine, had no problems and to drink cranberry juice. I was mortified, and so embarrassed I never went back to see my doctor. ".

Sadly it is unhelpful, when our health professionals dismiss our symptoms, when we know it better than anyone else.

Welcome to our Forum,  so pleased you have found the Forum helpful. There is indeed so much GOOD advice within, and by using the Search button at the top, you will find much to assist you , in helping you find those with similar symptoms,with many replies particularly from Moderator Susan who has answered in loads of details.

Also do please contact and consider joining BHUK, not only will they send you a Welcome pack, also one especially for your Doctor to read,also, you will have access to even more information and support.

Here is a one reply from an earlier posting, that may offer some advice.

You also need to look at your diet whilst you have these infections. Sugar will feed the bacteria so try to go low sugar (and that includes fruit) as long as you can.  Cut back on caffeine and fizzy drinks and avoid alcohol (again for the high sugar content).  Don't even think about fruit juices or the dreaded Cranberry Juice as its extremely acidic and full of sugar.  Its really dull but by starving the sugar out of your system you are starving the infection leaving it very little to feed on.  
You could also try an antihistamine as the mast cells we produce when tense or stressed are also food for bacteria and by taking the AH you again starve their food supply.
Hope some of this advice is of help.  If this continues go back to your GP with your results and ask for long term abs.  If he cannot help, contact the BHUK office who can provide you with information about specialists that can be seen on the NHS or privately treating these types of infections.
info for lots of utis/inflamation
I’d have a good read of these. If you are getting a lot of infections then the actual mechanics of an infection can set up a cycle of chronic inflammation as the bladder never truly heals and reduces from the inflammatory response to bacterial infection.

Do keep posting, we will always listen and truly understand.

Kind regards


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Hi Guys, 

I stumbled onto this forum today and I'm glad to have found other people going through what I am. I am nineteen years old and I have had reoccurant UTIS since I was sixteen. At first, these were continuously diagnosed as bladder infections, however, after TWO YEARS of being given Trimethoprim and Nitrofurantoin, the doctors realized that it wasn't bladder infections but instead just reoccurant UTIS. It is only recently that I am getting treatment for IC and as a young person going through this it is hard to deal with as it does hinder me socially. I am currently going through the 12-week treatment where they put the antibiotics up your urethra via catheter and I have already had a camera up there. SUCH FUN. Strangely, I don't mind it though and I'm kind of relieved. It got to the point where I was undiagnosed for so long and in so much pain that I'd literally have them do anything at this point there was one night where I shouted to my ex-partner 'CMON JUST STICK A CAMERA UP THERE ALREADY'. I'm sure some of you can relate. Anyway, I just want to be connected with people whilst I'm going through this and am wondering if there's anyone around my age that is going through the same thing or anyone receiving the same treatment? Besides everything else, I am a university student who wishes to work in television production and I love a chat. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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I so understand your, I have IC for 6 months and the pain and everything that goes with it is driving me mad.  I so with dr and some nurses were a bit more understanding if they only new how bad this is.  I take mirabegron for spasms and pressure its not 100 percent for pressure pain  Other than that tramadol an opiod for pain.  I hope to be going to pain management soon and find a new cure for bladder pressure.  Good luck to you.


pamela bates
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