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Hi Liz



Could I just ask where you buy your d-mannose from? I have a very long history with d-m which I won't bore you with but just wondered where yours comes from.






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Hi, Millie.

Thank you for your warm and prompt welcome!


I get my D-mannose from Sweet Cures. They've been really helpful - mind you, they should be at that price.  . I don't know anywhere else in the UK that sells it.


If there are threads on your history and you can post me a link I would be interested. I haven't had any problems yet but to be forewarned is forearmed.




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I am 46 and have had attacks of bacterial cystitis since I was 18 so that is for 28 years. It almost always occurs 24 to 36 hours after having sex. Over the years I have used many different antibiotics, some times to clear infections and for a period of about 6 years I took them when we had sex as a preventative. However I am now resistant to many of these drugs.


I have managed to reduce the number of infections from about 8 per year to roughly 2 per year by following the bottle washing routine in Angela Kilmartin's book every time I go to the loo. (I think that part of the reason I continued to get infections was using a bidet to wash before sex). Also I cannot bear to have sex for several weeks ( in the last case months) after an attack so that helps to reduce the number of attacks but this does nothing for a relationship.


For a few months earlier this year I actually thought that by bottle washing, drinking loads of water and boths of us showering before hand, I had managed to find a way to keep this condition at bay as we had a weekend break without children when we were very "active" and did not get an infection. However I have since had an infection and I do not know what we did differently.


The last few times I have used ciprofloxicin which did work but I am increasingly worried about using this because of side effects and I also worry that I will become resistant to this too and then I will be left without an antibiotic which works for me. 


A friend recently told me about d mannose as it worked for both her and her mother. I have bought some but I have not used it to try to control an infection as we have been very inactive since June when I had my last infection. (As you can imagine this is doing nothing for our relationship). I would be most interested to know if taking it before and after sex worked as a preventative for anyone on the forum. 


I have just recently found this forum which I think is fantastic. I wish I had known about it before this. It is so good to be able to see that I am not alone with this miserable and debilitating condition.




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Hello all, Im mary.  Ive been suffering with bacterial cystitis ever since I became sexually active (11 yrs ago, im 27 now).  It only ever happens after intercourse and has left me terrified to have sex, this illness has ruined numerous relationships for me and left me feeling somewhat helpless.  I have just started seeing someone new so the whole cycle has started over again!


I hope that some of the knowledge I have gained over the last ten years will help fellow sufferers and I also hope that I myself will learn some new tricks to keep the attacks at bay.  Currently I am considering a low dose antibiotic either every day or directly after intercourse, maybe keflex or ciprofloxin?


Anyway, hi everyone.


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Originally Posted by JaneS


A friend recently told me about d mannose as it worked for both her and her mother. I have bought some but I have not used it to try to control an infection as we have been very inactive since June when I had my last infection. (As you can imagine this is doing nothing for our relationship). I would be most interested to know if taking it before and after sex worked as a preventative for anyone on the forum. 


Hi, Jane.


The d-mannose won't do you any harm and it will certainly help you manage the symptoms if you have e.coli. I use it and I am pain free all the time so long as I keep taking it. It hasn't been a cure for me but that is possibly because of other factors (benefit of the doubt). I wouldn't have a love life without it though! Better than missing out, anyways.




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Hi Liz


Would you mind telling me how you take the d mannose. The instructions I got were one 5ml spoon before, one after and one in the morning. Is this how you take it?


A friend told me about d mannose but her infections are not triggered by sex so she just takes a spoon roughly once a week and she has been much better. I do not think this would be relevent to me.


I know what works for one person may not work for another but it has to be worth trying something in case it works.




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hello all,

i'm 23 and have been suffering from BC attacks for the past five years. they appear to becoming more severe and more frequent. the most recent attack (which i'm dealing with as i write this) has been quite bad and i'm at a loss as to what i can do. my problems are closely linked to sexual activity and this is causing me to be quite disgusted with sex, also strong feelings of depression and anxiety.

anyway hopefully a feeling of solidarity will now ensue.../



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hello everyone

my name is kim, im 21, i come from northampton and am a student at northampton uni doing ba travel and tourism management

i get cystitis about once a month, after my period has finished usually, which is really frustrating. it normally flares up when im in inappropriate places ie work or uni where i cant do anything about it!!

bye for now

being a woman is so difficult!!!

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hi im kim im 21 years old and new to this site. i first started having bc symptoms when i was 14 and the doctor blamed it on sexual intercourse even though i was a virgin! i had several weeks off school because of it and no one seemed to understand and i began to think it was a psychological problem as i knew no one else who sufferered from bc. i had my daughter at 17 and my bc seemed to dissapear for a while but unfortunately it came back! after changing my doctors (twice) i still have absolutely no idea what causes my flareups. my last holiday was ruined as i was on constant toilet lookout and running to one every few minuets only to find that my bladder was empty but the pain was excrutiating. 

i have tried several cystitus relief sachet drinks, antibiotics, no sexual intercourse,drinking only water and have had an internal by the doctors but none of this has worked. i am at my wits end with all of this so asked my new doctor to please, please find the cause. i am having a blood test on monday and then a scan of my kidneys.  does anyone know if any of these will actually work and if there's anything else i can try to ease the syptoms until i get medical help as im sick and tired of seeing my toilet and carrying pads around with me whilst wearing one incase of a slight accident.

thanks   kimmy

(sorry if its a bit long)


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Hello everyone! I'm new here. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lucinda, I'm 31 and I suffer from bacterial cystitis as a result of sex. I never have it at any other time. Any advice on how to prevent this would be very gratefully received, as I'm concerned it's ruining yet another relationship!

I already drink about a litre of water a day, plus green tea and cranberry juice (not together!), so I assume that's sufficient on the liquid front! I've just begun taking cranberry capsules too. Does anyone know where to get sugar/sweetener/concentrate-free cranberry juice?


I currently take antibiotics when I have cystitis, but this affects Yasmin, the contraceptive pill that I take, plus I'd rather not have to take antibiotics so much.


Does anyone know of any alternative remedies (reflexology etc) to relieve the condition? I realise nowt will cure it but a bit of respite would be welcome!


Many thanks in advance


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I Know how depressing it is I am constantly in pain and on antibiotics for blood in water and I cant hold my bladder so i dont go out much my husband is getting fed up as i am always in and out of hospital and now i have to go for surgery on bowel so i feel very down i wish all of you good luck.


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Hi I am new here!!!


My name is Lucy I am 27yrs old and it is currently 4 o'clock in the morning and I have been up for 3 hours with BC, again!!!!!


I have had cystitis a couple of times up until about 2 1/2 years ago, previously antibiotics cleared this up. However for the past 2 1/2yrs I have had attack after attack. One year I think I had it every month!! Eventually my Dr put me on long term preventitive Trimopothen (is that how I spell it?) and that seemed to work a treat...................... until my body became resistant to it. I am now on another preventitive drug, and it would seem, that maybe it's not working as well as I hoped!!!!


I guess everyone has been through this, but I am really at the end of my tether, everytime I get BC again I cry for a while and say I can't do this again, and then I get up and try and occupy myself until I am so exhausted that I fall asleep.


Anyway enough self pity, some, any advice would be so gratefully recieved. I have read so many leaflets and Im pretty sure I do all the right things - loads of water, no perfumed products, pee b4 and after sex, secondary pee, wipe myself correctly, dont wear over tight clothing, drink cranberry, the list goes on.


I finally got an ultrasound appt come through, so I am hoping that will help and show something as I am starting to get concerned about how much time off work I am having and am scared I will get into trouble, that and I get married next year and I really want to enjoy my honeymoon properley!!!!


Sorry for such a long post, there isnt alot to do at this time in the morning and it is so good to find people I can talk to who know how frustrating and disruptive bc can be!!


Thanks for listening/reading.




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It's 1.15am and am unable to sleep due to burning sensation and frequency. Have suffered with this since I was 16 but it has worsened in the last 3 years (I'm now 52). I had a urethral stretch about 15 years ago which was very painful and didn't help, and am now on Trimoprithin and thrush capsules as I get to the point where I just don't know if it's cystitis or thrush. I haven't had an MSU for years, but they used to come back negative. A urologist a few years ago ( I had no faith in him at all) asked me about my hygiene, I felt like hitting him!! I now have symptoms practically continually and am at the end of my tether. Does anyone know of a consultant who really can be of more help? Am willing to travel!!
I find it quite depressing that there are so many of us sufferers out there. In this day and age you would think there would be more help. Anyway, look forward to your replies. Sleep tight!

L J Osborne

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Hi my name is Tracey, 38 years old and have suffered with cystitis since I was 17, I have had maybe 5 years in the last 21 without it , usually hav e it at least twice a year, but I have found at times of great stress it can be monthly, I have given up going to the doctors now unless it is in i can barely walk with the constant bladder pressure and pain. At 23 I ended up in hospital for 10 days as the infection had travelled to my kidneys, with a 2 year old daughter this was not much fun for about 6 months I seemed to live in the hospital, soooooo many tests, none of which resulted in any positive diagnosis. Antibiotics dont seem to help much now, helps a little at the start but seems to come back just as quick when its chronic, and also now more reluctant to take long term antibiotics.

Recently I have moved to Spain and went for 18 months symptom free, buts its back........ my only relief is drinking endless litres of water, it helps. Fortunately my last two 'episodes' have not warranted a trip to the doctors. I am really interested in finding out herbal remedies that anyone may have tried. A doctor of Chinese Medicine has recommended, nettle tea (or capsules) and pumpkin seeds. Does anyone else out there have any other, herbal or alternative therapies.

Tracey x

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My name is Rebecca. I live in lincoln in the UK and I have suffered from cystitis for as far back as I can remember and I am 21. Although it went undiagnosed and untreated until I found out it was cystitis thanks to (i think it was.)

I currently just had a nasty bout of it today and took some cystitis relief powders and they have helped.

To those mentioning the 'awareness' feeling I know what you are talking about! It's horrible. I get that and I just know it's coming even though i pray and pray for it to go away! I have tried everything now to find out a cause and I cant find one.
Recently, I was really really strict about my hygiene and it didnt help. (Before that I was hygienic too!! it's just this time I was obsessive!)
I think there may be trigger foods. I avoid high intake of caffine and try to drink tons of water everyday, sometimes i forget though and end up dehydrated.

I wish I could just cure it and never have it again. Oh to be one of the women who doesnt know what this is like .

Oh and all my urine samples come back as normal too with no bacteria found. Just the white blood cells sent to try and stop the infection.

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