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Hi all!

My name is Sarah, I'm 23 and have been suffering recurrent UTIs for nearly a year now (ever since i got together with my now fiance). I've taken more rounds of antibiotics than i can count and they really haven't done anything for me except give me yeast infections. Most of them haven't worked, and even when they have i've ended up with another infection just a day or two later.

I've taken two rounds of antibiotics for my current UTI and they haven't worked. Doctors have been unhelpful, i feel like i have to battle to get them to take me seriously.

I'm absolutely at my wits end! The UTIs have taken a huge toll on my sex-life (and therefore my relationship), work, social life and finances.

I'm extremely glad to have found this board!


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My name is Claire and i am 25 years old. I have suffered with BC infections since i was about 18, although as i am in the military i have been 'fobbed' off by doctors and have only been taken seriously (if you can call it that) in the past 2 years. I went through a partically bad year last year where i constantly had an infection. I have managed to stay infection free for about the last 6 months which is amazing although i still feel like BC rules my life, as i worry every niggle might be the start of another one, like most people on here i think i worry about it every single day.


Anyway on the bright side like i said i have managed to stay infection free for some months now which i think is due to taking one a/b after intercourse (i forgot to mention my infections in the past have always been caused by s*x!!!).


I have found this website the best thing since sliced bread, it has restored my faith that there are people out there that understand and i am not mad or imagining it.


Love and Hugs to all


Claire xxxx


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Hi, my name is Elena and I'm so glad I've found this forum as it takes my mind of the constant irritation, pain and urge to go to the loo! Where have you been for the last two years!


Must admit my GP is brilliant, have had every test done imaginable and taken loads of antibiotics which releive but doesn't get rid of the pain.  Found out a year after giving birth that I had a prolapse (not surprising really) and after video urodynamics found the top of my uretha was too small.  Had dylation done and was 100% better for eight months (until two weeks ago!).  Now back to square one.  Taking amitriptyline for the nerve pain in uretha and down legs and even though it isn't doing much it does make me sleep and as it is an antidepressent it can't hurt. May even make me laugh!


It's great to hear I'm not alone.








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Hi all, my name is Louise, i'm 32 and suffer from bouts of BC but nothing as bad as some of the stories i've read here. I know the condition can make you feel truely miserable though! I guess i'm lucky as apart from having it a few times as a child I've only got it when I have started a new relationship. Don't know why, maybe it just takes me a while to build up immunity to a new mans germs! It doesn't make new relationships much fun though and when i got engaged a couple of years ago I didn't think i'd have to go through it again but we split up and since meeting my new man i've had 3 attacks of it!

The things us girls have to put up with! I really don't know how some of you have coped when you have had it for years.


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Hello my name is Georgina, I am 25 years old and I live in London. 


I have had the odd flare up of cystitis for years but since May I have had constant infections. 


I am cabin crew so I find it hard to stay hydrated when I am working and I often get infections when I am away which is always a real pain.


My GP is quite understanding and I am on the waiting list to see a uriolgist.  The thing that worries me is that I always seem to be on antibiotics.


As I have only had this problem for the last few months I still feel that there are things I need to try so I am open to all suggestions on this forum,my boyfriend is very understanding but its not much fun for him either so I really hope I can get this under control.


This forum i new to me and its very comforting to hear from other women who have the same problem.  I hope we can all find ways of controlling this problem.






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Hi there all

My name is Wendy, i'm 32 with  a 3 year old daughter with what i suspect top be either BC or/and OAB. Lucy has been on permanent a/bx since she was 2yrs old.She started with cephalexin and she is now on trimethroprim.She screams suddenly during the night with the pain,pees herself,leeks all the time,doesn't even realise shes peeing till its started(too late).Its at the point where she tells me its time to put a sample to the docs as shes so sore again!!! They usually just increase the dose to x4 daily for 2 weeks regardless of what the sample has in it.(usually nothing). She has severe attacks if she gets at all constipated. She has been on sodium picosulphate and lactulose since the day she was born. To a certain degree i have learned how to help her control it. we avoid all forms of citrus foods and drink(including orange squash). I also have started giving her aloe berry(yes Berry) juice. She has been on this for 12 weeks and so far (apart from 1 incident where the nursery gave her 1 single segment of tangerine) she has not had an attack.The attack she had after the tangerine(school severly reprimanded for that one) was horendous but passed more quickly than ever. Its disgusting to drink(i had to try)but i have not had to give her painkillers or up her a/bx.She does drink a lot. I dont feel so much like a neurotic mum since i found this site. Sorry for going on.The advice has been invaluble so far.

Thank you all




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Hi my name is Pat


I have had ME for nine years and in the last four years I have had bacterial cystitus.  I think this is related to the menopause, being over 50 now!


I have been to see a uroligist as I kept getting cystitus despite taking antibiotics each time, and am now on a low dose antibiotic - for the last tow months.  Too soon to see if it will help.  Main problem is my sex life!  I have been married for 30 years and obviously ME restricts my life, but now often when we have sex I get cystitus, which makes my ME worse!


trying to be optimistic and hope that I can find something to help the menopause - thinning of tissue etc - not keen tp take drugs as this makes ME worse.\



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hello my names nicola

im 18 years old, for the past 7 months ive had thrush 5 times and 2 urine infections... im trying to stay positive and looking for self help remidies but to be honest i just hate feeling like this. when i get the urine infections im in so much pain and it lasts for days ive just had enough

im sorry if i sound selfish because im sure some of you are going through 10 times worse than me but i cant help feeling like this i just want to get better but it seems like its gonna be here forever

my doctors useless as well he just sais "its normal for women to get these infections" well what use is that to me!


distressed nicola xxx


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Hi, my name is annie and after having pyleonephritis 2 years ago, have been suffering from recurrent UTI's and kidney pain. I've had a CT scan and ultrasound and it's shown no abnormalities. I've had different a/biotics but GP doesn't want to give me any more as he's saying he doesn't know what's wrong. Urine tests show up as positive in the surgery but bacteria never grows when sent to the lab. Feel very fed up as am getting approx one infection a month and constant kidney pain. Would be grateful if anyone  has any ideas on what I can do next.

annie x


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Hi Annie ,


Welcome to the boards, I have copied your message here so people can respond.


best wishes




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Thanks Dawn, much appreciated

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My names Sarah ,I am 43yrs old and have been experiencing cystitis type problems for 25 yrs.

My first experience of cystitis, is what they used to call honeymoon cystitis and was brought on by sexual intercourse. Thankfully back then and during my twenties and early thirties I would only experience this problem afew times a year and often cranberry juice,potassium citrate and trimethroprim would ease the discomfort fairly quickly. I sometimes used to find that scented bath oils/foam baths brought on an attack, but drinking 2-3 litres of diluted barley squash over 24hrs would help.


Four years ago my general health deteriorated and i had cystitis for almost two years continuously.I went to my GP numerous times during this time and all urine tests were negative, however my doctor would sometimes prescribe antibiotics any way just in case they helped.  Sometimes they would help abit whilst i was taking them and sometimes the pain and urgency continued. I spent numerous nights in great discomfort not being able to sleep.During this time i became very low in mood and anxious as i despaired of ever finding a satisfactory treatment.  Eventually i was referred to a urologist . I had a cystoscopy,hydrodistension and a biopsy taken.

The consultant told me that i had severe interstial cystitis and hunners ulcers and that my womb lining was very inflamed.


A low dose of antibiotics was prescibed for 6 months and an appointment with the urology specialist nurse who offered me various treatments. I chose to have a course of dmso cocktail every monday for ten weeks. This treatment although uncomfortable worked very well for me. During the last two years following that treatment I have experinced mild inflammation and discomfort occasionally.


I have also found that people who have this type of cystitis tend to have flair -ups just before a period and they might also suffer from an irritable bowel. My personal experience has taught me that often our immune systems are not working properly( possibly an auto-immune disease) and for me i have found that following a diet very low in sugar , yeast and additives helps enormously.By eating very healthily and avoiding salty foods aswell symptoms will often ease considerably. 




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Hi Im Jo & Im 23years old.


I have been suffering with Recurrent UTI's for the past 5 years & still not had a proper diagnosis for it

Ive had Endometreosis alll my life & the Dr's are saying this could have something to do with it.


My passion is horses & I have my own horse called Blackie who has been my rock through all this suffering


Will be nice hearing from you all



x x x x


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Hi I'm Kim

I'm 25 years old and have suffered with bacterial cystitis on and off for the last 3 years - It is mostly caused by intercourse although I have noticed that alcohol makes me more prone to an attack so I try to stick to water (boring!)Up until last year the flare-ups were pretty well spaced and I maybe suffered from 3 a year  - antibiotics had always worked to clear it up fast (Trimethroprim) and I usually felt better after a day or so and urine tests mostly came back negative for infection.

Since then attacks have got worse and more frequent with infection showing in my urine-resistant to Trimethroprim so have been given cephalexin for the first time which seems to have worked. In between actual attacks I often have symptoms without the eventual flare-up which can be pretty annoying-these seem to clear up after 2 days of drinking lots of water etc!

The COB site and message board has been a great support during the worst episoides knowing there are others out there with BC!!!


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I'm Rachel, 37, in Lincolnshire and my UTI story started out as honeymoon cystitis many years ago and since then the frequency of attacks has increased. when I was pregnant I was on almost permanent anti biotics then I had 12 weeks symptom free.


However for the last 14 weeks the longest I have been symptom free is 6 days.

I can't see any link between diet or sexual activity.



It's good to feel I am no longer alone, I wish I'd joined years ago.



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