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I have been suffering with OAB for.many years and have been wearing pads for many years too. In the past I have had urodynamics test, been to see a physiotherapists for pelvic floor exercises, been on 3 types of medications, and had botox injections (twice with local and general anaesthetic) . I am now waiting to have botox injections again. I am currently wearing kentera patches. I don't know if they are helping as it's only the 3rd week. After the botox injections the leaking reduced alot,but was still wearing pads. I wake up 1 or 2 times at night and wear pads. I just persevere. What are your experience of OAB?

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Hi,just joined today and posted my intro on the General Topic thread but think this is probably where I belong!
I started having bladder problems about two years ago. One afternoon I just kept peeing and didn't stop!I was given a course of antibiotics that first week and have had one other course since (neither worked).
My main symptom is frequency and my bladder only ever seems to hold 100-125ml (although last week I had 150ml once (yay!Go me!High five with my dog.).Now and then I get a little pain after urinating which soon passes( this has just started in the last few weeks and is intermittent).Oddly enough compared to a lot of people I only get up once or twice at night.
I've had numerous urine tests which have all been clear, my prostate is well within normal, I had a cystoscopy (which was fun!)and during this my bladder was filled with fluid (which added to the hilarious time I was having as you can imagine).All clear healthy bladder.Two ultrasounds have ruled out retention, bladder stones and cancer.
I've cut out all caffeine and am now tracking my fluid intake and what amount I pass
I try to make sure I drink enough as concentrated urine can irritate the bladder making you want to pee more.
I currently take Oxybutonin and going to look into pelvic floor exercises (yep guys can do them too!).This awful affliction has severely impacted my life and I am being treated for severe depression (which is something I have also struggled with all my life) which has been made so much worse due to this.At times I am not ashamed to admit I have felt suicidal.
I am luckier than some in that I have a understanding GP who is very patient and always listens to me, a good support network with depression support and a counsellor I see weekly, a great friend who helps me through and by no means least my German Shepherd "Nelly" who is always there for a slobbery hug :0)
Despite all that I still find every day a struggle and was so glad to find this site and realise I'm not alone. One of the awful things about this affliction/illness is that you can feel so isolated and alone.
That's enough from me. Thanks for listening to my grumbles.

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Hi Andy, 
Sorry to hear of your situation. I haven't posted on this forum for a very long time but just saw this message. You might be able to read old postings I did years ago when my son had many similar problems. Basically do not despair - there will be a whole lot of things that are contributing to this and you have to unscramble them bit by bit and try as many things as possible. Doctors have great difficulty understanding these conditions and the biggest thing they miss is because they do not look at patients as a whole and try to get to the root cause. It is easier to dish out antibiotics which often are more damaging than good and to send you onto an anti-depressant route. All these things can make the condition worse. Antibiotics kill off the good flora in the digestive tract and elsewhere, then candida and fungal overgrowth will kick in - including prostate and bladder.  Body gets out of balance and the immune system gets wrecked causing pain and inflammation. You say you had cystoscopy but nothing found - but what you need to know is if the bladder was inflammed. This can be a sure sign of candida overgrowth.

So main thing is look at your health as a whole. Do you suffer from IBS, any other conditions like allergy, intolerances. So many chronic health conditions can be caused by allergy, a poor microbiome (bad gut flora), foods that the immune system does not like and will cause the body to create antibodies and hence inflammation. It's a case of trying to heal, taking out what the body may be reacting to and causing tissue to inflame and getting in good stuff.

I don't know what your diet is and you may have tried this but if not - first thing and major thing is to strictly cut out all gluten. Gluten is responsible for so much auto-immunity and if you have had a lot of antibiotics the gut flora will have been wrecked to pieces. If the lining of the gut is sore and porous, gluten will be a disaster. So many people have gluten intolerance without having Coeliac. You have to be strict and check all food has no gluten in it and you have to do it for well over couple of months. There could be other grains in there causing problems but it is a long process to eliminate foods.

Cut out all sugar - so you are not feeding candida. Candida wrecks the immune system and easy kicks in after antibiotics (you can look all this up on the internet). So gluten out and sugar out (keep low on fruit as its all sugar). Then dairy out - because caesin (protein in milk) can react in same way as gluten.  Try a paleo diet and if you can go one step further to an auto-immune paleo. It is an extremely hard diet to keep at especially if you are travelling, have to go to work etc. but try it. And if possible take probiotics to see if you can help the gut back after all those antibiotics.

See if any of those things help and read as much as you can on Paleo, anti-candida diet and auto-immune conditions. The bladder and prostate can be easily attacked (tissue attack) in auto-immune.  Just try and research as much as you can on all the above and piece things together re IBS, any other aches and pains, rheumatoid things etc. They are all auto-immune things but can be healed by repairing the gut. Try all those things before embarking on more invasive treatment and taking too many medications. The knowledge on bladder and prostate issues is shockingly bad and very concerning that the way of treating such conditions is still by the rounds of damaging antibiotics and other medications when you may be able to get right with thinking about the immune system and diet.  Hope this can help or at least point you to thinking of connections. People have healed from the most chronic conditions including cancer, MS, thyroid conditions rheumatoid arthritis, lupus etc. from diet and taking out gluten.  Keep positive and try a new approach first. There can be a way out of all this.


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Thanks for your reply. No I don't have any inflammation or allergies of any kind. My prostate is well within normal. The only issue I have is frequency and a reduced bladder capacity which to be honest probably is a result of me peeing little and often for a long period of time when this first started.
Diet of course plays a major role in anyone's health,and I know certain things can contribute to my frequency (especially caffeine and fizzy drinks....i miss my lemonade :0().
A good support network is also vital. Too many people are afraid to change their GP/urologist if they are not getting the help they deserve for example.
A simple bit of advice my counsellor gave me which I think helps me at times (with this and my depression) is to just take it one day at a time and if that's too much just take it an hour at a time.
The one thing I know that helps get me through is taking my dog for a walk everyday and just talking to her (people look at me oddly) or watching her rooting around the bushes and trees or diving headlong into another muddy puddle!
Everyone should have a dog!
All the best.
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