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Hi there
What a relief it is to know there is a place to talk with others about these difficult conditions. I'm now 34 and was diagonsed with OAB in 2004 after years of being told and believing it was all psychological. I was on Oxybutin for 3 years which helped a bit, but not much. It was only this summer that I started to become quite low about the whole situation. I think I had just tried to get on with it but for some reason, I started to get fed up with the whole thing as I was visiting the ladies approx 12-14 times during the working day and as I work with teenagers on a one to one basis for hourly appointments, it was having a massive affect on my work. I had no idea there was anything else that could be done but on going back to my doctor, I was given Vesicare which I am happy to report has had a huge affect. It's not perfect but I have not had any side affects such as the dry mouth which Oxybutin caused and my trips to the ladies have been reduced to about 5 or 6 times during the working day. I used to get up about 5 times in the night but now only have to get up a maximum of 3 and some nights, it's only been once.

I have to be honest and say I am frightened that it's not going to last and that I'll become immune to the tablets. I'm also concerned about the long term side affects these drugs are having on my body. Does anyone know if there are any long term side affects of vesicare or if long term use causes immunity to kick in?

I'm also interested in IC and BC. I've never heard of these before but I'm wondering if I have one of them. I have severe pain in an area of what I think is my bladder when I'm relieving myself and just after. It can last for up to half an hour after I've been to the loo and is much much worse in the morning and at night. These episodes don't happen that often, but when they do, they can last for about 2 weeks, but then it just stops as quickly as it comes on. Does anyone recognise these symptoms?

I hope you all managed to have a Merry Christmas.

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Hi TJ,

Welcome to the forum, I have left you a message here in the main forum. 

best wishes



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My name is Anneke, 47 and I have OAB for over 25 years.

As a little girl I already had bladder problems. I wed my bed till age 18.

For a long time I was on Detrol, but it didn’t help that much.

I had all sorts of examinations, but the only thing they could confirm was that I have OAB.

I’m originally from The Netherlands and when I was still there in 2002, they wanted to do a labtroscopic operation, to see if they could find something wrong. This never happened, because I had another heavy operation, that I was done with operations at that point.

Now in Canada for 4 years, I got Oxybutynin for it, but it’s only working 2 weeks of the month. I believe it has to do with my period, but I’m not sure.

I have an appointment this month with an Urologist, and I hope he can help me get this under control.


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Hi Everybody,
my name is Helena,27 and I think I have OAB for over 5 years.
When it first started, I went to urologists and did all kinds of exams but it was all good.
Therefore, I started believing it was only psychological...

I don;t have any incotinence issues or nyctouria, but i have a really strong urgency.

Even if i am somehow impressive as a girl i started isolating, and i am struggling now not to lose my carreer or to get depressive but it;s difficult.
It's like living in a lie..

I have not tried any medication so far, hope you can assist.

Thanks for this forum, it's good to know finally that I am not alone!


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I have been having what i thought cystitis on and off for about five years on a regular basis. My samples kept coming back clear so my doc sent a nurse to see me who said i had irritable bladder that needed retraining, i do have bladder control but i must admit not as good as it once was after my third child. Its the pain that is driving me mad, it comes and goes and have  tried to help myself with diet etc as i feel a nuisance going to doc.Last two months been so bad went doc on monday sent sample off waiting for results, i have feeling they will be clear but i know something wrong i was up all last night constant need to go loo and pain before , during and after its awfull and my life is a misery because of it. I just scared my doc will fob me off.

k l hanson

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It sounds loke Interstitial cystitis.Those were the symptons that i had when i was first diagnosed It sounds like you need to get your gp to refer you to see a urologist.


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i am   about to under go an operation for a diveticulm which has wrapped it self around the uthera tube i also have an oab but i have just got a card to say i have a problem asking shops to  allow me to use the toilets 


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Hi all, I'm Emma and I'm 25. I haven't had a formal diagnosis, but after reading about OAB and IC, my symptoms seem to coincide with OAB.

I've been experiencing symptoms of frequency and urgency for about two and a half years. I initially was treated for a Urinary Tract Infection about two years ago, with fairly strong antibiotics, which seemed to do the trick. However, not long after I began to feel the need to go the toilet more frequently, so went back to my GP who tested for a UTI again, but results were normal. 

For the next few months I was back and forth to the doctors, each time urine tests were normal, but I knew something was wrong. A few months later, after moving, I registered with a new GP, and went back again as the symptoms were still causing me problems. I was initially tested for a urine infection, but results were normal again, which lead to blood tests, and scans, again both normal. 

By this point, I was really struggling with work, and getting more and more frustrated, and depressed. My GP gave me Vesicare 5mg, and referred me to a specialist (still waiting for the appointment), which after three months or so had no effect (still going to the toilet every 30 mins to an hour). So she increased the dose to 10mg, which after a couple of months seemed to do the trick. I felt more in control, and work was manageable, my job involves being on the phone a lot, which was becoming a big issue.

About two weeks ago, after taking Vesicare10mg for about six months, all of a sudden the symptoms flared up again, and the tablets just seemed to stop working. I'd had off days (or wonky days as I like to call them) before, but it was always just a day or two, and then things got back to "normal". I was going to the toilet every 20 mins or so, and feeling a strong urge to go right away once I had been. Work was a complete nightmare, I couldn't concentrate on anything, and as I work in a small office, it's very embarrassing.

My GP has now prescribed Detrusitol XL 4mg, which I've started taking today. I'm still in the middle of a bad patch, and feeling depressed a lot of the time. I feel like this is taking over my life, and I hate having to plan everything I do around needing the toilet. I'm trying to be as positive as possible, which isn't always easy, as even the little things like going to the hairdressers are almost impossible at times. 

It's been really helpful reading everyone else's stories here, and its good to know there are people who understand, although my family and boss are very supportive, it's so hard to explain what's happening sometimes.

Hopefully, appointment with the specialist can shed some light on what exactly I have.

Thanks all for listening


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Hello,I'm orion and I have just developped an overactive bladder from a urodynamics test a few weeks back and have been given Solifenacin until my next hospital appointment.
I hope its not permanent as I had no urinary problems before the procedure just pelvic pain.
I'm a man in early 40's BTW and have had a cyscoscopy and urodynamics test to rule out any more serious problem,but developped frequent urination the day after the urodynamics test.

I'm here to listen and learn


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I have recently been diagnosed with an overactive bladder.  My consultant has prescribed 5mg Vesicare and have been on this for just over a week.  He also said I had to self catheterize night and morning. At work it is very embarrassing to keep disappearing.  I am here because I want advice from anyone in the same position as me and if I can help anyone I would like to do this too.  Thank you for listening, Oxlade. 

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hi everyone,am new here,have just registered. been suffering with an overactive bladder for about 10 yrs - i'm now 29 - and it has got so bad i now feel an unbelievably bad urgency all the time. passing urine doesnt relieve the feeling of wanting to go at all,if anything it makes it worse. it's so bad i can barely think about anything else and sex has become a distant memory. when i can i just lie down with a hot water bottle between my legs or i distact,distract,distract myself but it is so bad i feel like i'm about to wet myself constantly. i am exhausted and absolutely miserable from it. dont have any pain or irritation just the really strong urgency. have had a cystoscopy and scans which confirmed nothing pysically wrong with me and no signs of IC. am on vesicare but its doing nothing,have been on it years. had a few sessions of having cystistat inserted in my bladder which also did nothing as i know it wouldnt cos IC is not my problem. absolutely despairing. glad i have found you guys though

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You need to be absoluteley sure you have not got IC as it sure has all the symptoms of being IC/inflammatory bladder. The problem is with the whole issue of IC is that dependent on which urologist you have they can diagnose differently. This happened to me. I had symptoms like you describe for years, was taken in to have cystoscopy and told everything fine. If you don't have Hunner's ulcers or glomerulations showing up then they do not consider IC.  But you don't have to have ulcers to have IC. Several years later another urologist, in the same hospital and same department using exactly the same results as before, took out my pictures and my bladder was all red and sore looking on the picture, without ulcers. The other urologist who occupied the room next to the previous one who had said I had no problems, immediately said "my goodness you have got IC". Several years too late to be told that!
So do be certain and ask to see your results and pictures. One of the major problems in diagnosis of IC is that some urologists are using the old NIDKK criteria which was only ever set up for research purposes years and years ago. There have been repeated calls to dispense with this old classification process as so many people are not being diagnosed with IC that actually have it.  But a urologist who knows his/her research will alert you of any inflammation at all.  
~ So just to be on the safe side I would ask for all the details of your cystoscopy. In the US and other countries they do not tend to use the cystoscopy any more and usually diagnose on history and symptoms which is less invasive.


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Hi so glad to have stumbled accross this site. I have had bladder problems since giving birth almost 7 years ago. I didnt do anything about it for a bout 3 years as thought it would get better/too embarrased? then I went to the dr and had months of useless physio for pelvic floor which was fine anyway, then medictaion, then another medication and lots of soreness and creams and endless pantiliners! now im being offered Botox? scared but really want this sorted its been 7 years now and I hate it  

scared but frustrated mummy

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oh as for diagnosis... I was told after the scans and tests that I had ruptured my bladder muscles during labour :-(
scared but frustrated mummy

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My symptoms started 6 years ago after a 5 day labour with my gorgeous son.
Very gradually, more wee's at night and always nipping to the loo when out with friends.
I left it 5 years before seeking help and IC was diagnoised by Urologist.
Im now quite bad and on Elmiron and waiting for instils xx
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