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hello everyone i have just join .... would love any info ,,, i will start like this 4 years ago out of no where i had to go to the loo all the time there was no infection and there is no in continece so i was sent to urologist who done heaps of test ,cystoscopy, and had ct scans and also urodynamics all show nothing ... i had heaps of diff meds nothing work, but after a year it just went away .. now its been 3 months its come back again no infection once again they can not find anything wrong and its a 3 year wait to see a urologist i have none stop pressure to go it never stops the gp has put me on detrusitol i have been on it for a week now its still the some , has not work yet i dont sleep well as i need to go all the time it is driving me mad please help anyone with the some any info would help  thanks 

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Hello everyone, I am new here. 28 year old female, seemingly healthy, no major surgery or any conditions besides Anxiety. I've always (probably for the past 6 years) had occasionaly bouts of frequent urination lasting maybe a few hours or so and I always contributed it to drinking a huge amount of water that specific day. Anyways, starting 10/7 out of nowhere I had the constant urge to pee and I went 16 times that day and every time I went, a lot (to me it was a lot) came out. I was freaking out and as the days went by it kept happening. My GP took 2 urine tests both negative for UTI. I had an upcoming vacation and was very nervous about flying so we assumed it was nerves, I was told to up my Xanax and relax. Well by the end of the weekend it was still just as bad, going every 30-40 min and always feeling something down there (tingling, like I had to push) ... went to the Uro right before I left and they gave me 3 sample packs of Vesicare to try and I went on my vacation and was FINE ... came back and was doing ok for a few days then I had a bout last Fri night (only lasted a few hours) and now I'm consistently timing myself to go every 2 (or more) hours ... I still have a weird sensation down there approx 90% of the time. I went back to my Uro today and was given a prescription for Vesicare since I've only been on it for 2 weeks ... also scheduled a Urodynamics test for Dec and am told to set up a Cystcopy (sp) as well ... I'm a little nervous about all of this, as I do have an anxiety disorder that is not completely in remission. Could this all be just my nerves or could this be OAB? I'm afraid of doing these tests and the Dr's finding nothing wrong ... I'm continuing with the Vesicare because it does seem to be helping somewhat ... any suggestions? Advice?



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Hi everyone,

I am in my early 40s and live in Australia.

I've had OAB, with incontinence, all my life. My urodynamic tests, which I did not get done until last year, have shown my problem to be severe.

When my bladder contracts, I lose nearly all of the urine in my bladder.
I've worn pads since I was about 10 - as soon as I was old enough to go to the shops and buy them for myself. I started by using menstrual pads because I didn't know about incontinence pads. My mother basically turned a blind eye to the problem and did not help me get medical treatment.

Fast forward to the present:
I take 5mg Vesicare per day. This is helping a great deal. I still wet myself but for the first time in my life, my bladder is *quiet* some of the time (everyone with OAB will know what I mean by *quiet*!!).

I was supposed to take 10mg Vesicare. However, it was also recently discovered that I have some retention and that the medication is probably making it worse. My 'flow' when I go to the toilet is definitely slower. My urogynaecologist thinks that I also have bladder sphincter dyssynergia, which means that my urethra is clamping shut when my bladder contracts, causing incomplete emptying.

Last year I had a series of about 10 utis. I actually suspect the dyssynergia started then, as my urethra does not seem to have been the same ever since. My urethra is nearly always irritated or sore these days. It never used to be like that.

I am booked in for an MRI scan in a few months to rule out spina bifida occulta or lesions on the brain/spine.

My urogyno also wants me to consider doing ISC. She thinks that taking the full 10mg of Vesicare would definitely help me a lot more, but that this might cause me to have difficulty urinating by myself. This will be a bridge to cross in the next few months. I am really unhappy about this because I like to spend time camping and in remote country areas where going to the loo often means squatting behind a tree....I am not sure that ISC and squatting in the grass are compatible. But now I am beginning to ramble...
Congratulations if you made it this far...! 

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so I hope you will forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place but after I took a look at the threads of the site last night and had another look today I thought I would come and join you guys.

I'm a 27 year old male and I have had trouble with both bladder and bowel since I was in the 6th form with urgency for both no loss of control yet thankfully although some pretty near misses where I've had to get to the loo as fast as I could.

I've had tests done at hospital ultrasound of the bladder and flow tests as well as samples and physical exam and all came back normal so it's a bit of a mystery really.

I do have Hydrocephalus and that means I have to keep a good intake of fluid to keep my shunt hydrated so of course that doesn't help the bladder with the extra fluid it has to sort out on a daily and frequent basis.

I also have IBS and this can cause further problems and although I have tried medications for both there really hasn't been any positive results since I can just feel worse taking tablets with the effects on my head or my stomach feeling upset or bloated for example.

To try and keep things under control I did buy radar key so I have access to the disabled loo's if I don't feel too good while out and need to use the handrails etc while in the loo.


I've been lucky so far as I've only had to use the key in one of our local automatic superloo's so that's saved me a small fortune in small change.


It does help having the key available since I know if I do feel rough and need a loo with handrails for balance if my head or legs are in pain or any other mobility issue it's good to have the key with me.
Also I've noticed my sleep is disrupted every night now with visits to the loo for one or the other which is getting annoying.

Please forgive me if I posted in the wrong thread.  


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Hi my name is Michael and I'm 46 years old. I never used to hardly go to the loo until about 1 year ago when I started to go more frequently. My problem is that I dont know whether I have got some sort of problem or not. I went to see a GP about 9 months ago and I was told that I was normal. My problem is that my urination issues come and go. A for instance, this morning I have been to the loo 5 times in 4 hours, the last three times only 3/4 of an hour apart and each time I passed about 1/2 a litre. my average is 400ml per visit and I never go at night and can sleep for 8 hours at a time. My problem is the feeling to go starts within about 15 minutes of going and when I want to go the feeling is overwhelming, yet I can stop and start it when Ido go and the flow is quite strong. I've had my prostrate tested and it's normal. Yet some days I can go only 4 times in 24 hours and on other days 8 times. I just want to know what others think. Am I over reacting? Any response would be appreciated.
Thanks Michael

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Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear you have a difficulty. It is good that a male is writing on these boards - there is also a men's section if you go on the Interstitial Cystitis area but I don't think many have written up so far.

No you are not over-reacting and on the occasions when you are going regularly, it is a lot of times (not as much as some people but still at lot and obviously enough to make you feel it is not right).  You mentioned that you had the prostate looked at and for men often things like prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate usually with no bacteria) can be overlapped with bladder inflammation (IC).   Something, somewhere is causing this frequency.  My son when 13 years +used to have frequency and getting up at night but never ever any bacteria showing. He had never had problems previously. But eventually the frequency went down and he started to get bladder pressure, pain, feeling of inflammation which was eventually diagnosed as IC.

Do you get any kind of pressure, tightness, burning feeling in the bladder or urethral burning or any other symptoms at all like irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, food intollerences. These can all cause urinary problems. Sometimes gluten sensitivity can cause urological sensitivity and problems.  Also if you have had any antibiotics - these can cause candida overgrowth when the good flora are killed off by the antibiotics. It is not just women that get candida, men can get an imbalance too from antibiotics and this can have a bad impact on the bladder.

You have to be persistent with doctors at times. They will brush you out of the surgery as quickly as possible - if it is not normal for you and it is causing you anxiety then they have to look into it.  I would think there is some kind of inflamation going on and the bladder is obviously not happy by you keep needing to go.
You need a thorough assessment.  Any kind of pressure, feeling of pain, inflamation feelings is often interstitial cystitis. Do not let the docs tell you that only women get this, anyone can get this men, women or children.  Do as much research as possible around Interstitial Cystitis before you see the doc and ask for a referral to check out major problems.  IC is underdiagnosed especially in men.

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Hello -  I am a mother of a teenager who has been experiencing overactive bladder for the past 6 months.  I am looking for a place for her to get appropriate support.  I thought I would try this site myself for a time to see if I think it would be a good thing for her. 


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Hello Shelbydog,

I am sure that you will find some support on this forum. It is very distressing for anyone to be dealing with OAB or interstitial cystitis type symptoms but teenagers can feel very alone and in despair and hard for them to talk to anyone. They also find the whole doctor/hospital situation quite traumatic as well. It is good that she has support from you as there must be a lot of young people with these conditions out there that have no one.
You just need to read all you can on this condition so that you are well  informed when you go to see doctors/consultants. Some people find a change in diet can help as there are a lot of things that irritate the bladder which is the most sensitive organ. Often the immune system is out of balance and will impact on the bladder too. Also other conditions can be tied up with it as well like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and allergies so think if those might be a problem or in some way contributing.
Hope you find some help for her.

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Hi every one,
 I recently went to my GP with what I thought was stress incontinance,My GP refered me to a specialist,there I was diagnosed with OAB I had never heard of it till then,I have done lots of gooling thats how I found this forum
I have been prescribed 5mg Detrusitol daily but have read conflicting reports on these tablets so not sure if I am going to take them
I have to have some test done before I start on the tablets,so I have two weeks to make up my mind,
any advise would be very welcome


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Originally Posted by sppuggy

Hi every one,
 I recently went to my GP with what I thought was stress incontinance,My GP refered me to a specialist,there I was diagnosed with OAB I had never heard of it till then,I have done lots of gooling thats how I found this forum
I have been prescribed 5mg Detrusitol daily but have read conflicting reports on these tablets so not sure if I am going to take them
I have to have some test done before I start on the tablets,so I have two weeks to make up my mind,
any advise would be very welcome

HI Spuggy,

Many are able to control their symptoms by taking Detrusitol.  Adjusting your diet and pelvic floor exercises may also be helpful, depending on the outcome of your test results.

Wishing you the best for your tests, let us know how you get on.

 If you would like to receive further information about OAB /bladder conditions and COB send your name and address to 

best wishes


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Hi, My name is Nixs

I first went to see my GP a couple of years ago when things had reached a point where I seldom went more than 10 mins before needing to go again. Even a shopping trip with friends had become impossible and I was getting seriously fed up of the teasing about how often I needed to go. I was refered to the urologist who put me on Detrusitol XL, which i was kept on for 9 months without it acheiving much beyond leaving me really over tired. After agreeing I'd given the Detrusitol long enough I was then put on Ditropan for several months. It did help slightly, as in I might manage alomost 15 mins! But the side effects were awful. Hospital tests confirmed OAB and the urologist suggested I try Vesicare and see how that goes. The side effects are not quite as bad though it still leaves me really tired. On a good day on my current meds I can manage 30-40 mins. On my last visit I was told its basically a case of finding the meds that help the best and then just getting on with it. Not the most helpful of comments.

Compared to how things were, being on Vesicare is an improvement, but it is still so limiting. There is only one friend I feel able to go out shopping with, cos she is supportive, is fine with organising our shopping around loo breaks, and doesn't tease me at all. i don't think other people reaslise how hurtful what is meant as light-hearted teasing can be.

Life is further complicated by my being a single mum to 2 children, the eldest of whom has disabilities and needs me to be able to provide the care and support he needs regardless of how I am feeling.


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HI Nix ,

I have left u a message here

best wishes

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I thought I better introduce myself
My name is Emma and I live in New Zealand, I am 25 years old. I havent actually been diagnosed with OAB but I have a friend who is 35 and has had OAB all her life but she has got it under control. She thinks I possibly could have it well lately I have been having urges to wee frequently and my bladder isnt even full at all and I only pee out a small amount, it gets worse when the weather is cold and sometimes I get a mild cystitis feeling.
I remember having cystitis all the time just about when I was a child and remember it being painful and having to wee all the time but my bladder was fine after that up until now. I told my doctor about it and she gave me a urine test and there was no infection so she said I could just have an irritable bladder and gave me some oxybutynin to take before I went to bed so I didnt have to get up in the night a couple of times to pee.
I found it is working well, I dont get the urgency to go and I'm not going as often, but I am feeling not very good on them such as dizzyness and spacey.
My work mates were getting sick of me asking to go to the toilet all the time and my boss made a smart comment one day saying 'what you need to go to the toilet again' I just laughed it off but it did bug me.
I dont have incontinence at all which I am thankful for and I hope it doesnt come to that at all.
Well anyway that is my story and it will be nice to be on board and get to know you all.

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Hello, My name is Hiep. I am male, 23 years old and I am from Vietnamese.

I have symtoms of OAB for 1 years. I have the constant feeling of going to loo all the time, sometimes, a pain. In Vietnamse, very little doctors know about OAB and IC. In my city, at last, I found one doctor who had studied abroad knows about OAB.

I am now so stressed and disappointed. I have graduated but I can not go to work, and have to be at home.

I am taking vesicare for 6 days, but I got the side effect with my dry eye.

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Hi Dawn
Hope I am on the right screen. I am Charlotte aged 52 nearly 53.
I found this site yesterday & have found it very interesting & helpful. Although I haven't found my way around the threads yet? I have a few different ailments like IBS all my life. Recently COB & also a few other things including clinical depression but still manage to work full time. I have had many tests throughout my life on the IBS & am currently trying to find out if I actually have Coeliac Desese & not IBS as they are very similar. I am currently awaiting a Cystoscopy. I don't know which board to put messages onto as I can relate to a lot of the threads listed on here. And How do I get a members password please? plus do I have to pay for anything on this site here please?
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