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Hi does anyone know of a good multi Vitamin that does not upset the bladder.
I have had IC now for ten years and have cystastat instillations every 8/10 weeks(which do help a little ) even after the installation I do get intermittent micro blood in urine , hospital looking to do another flexiscope and kidney scan just to be on the safe side. ( I had bladder cancer 18 years ago so hence the checks now and then)
the only down side is that sometimes I do get a bladder infection after an installation.


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Hello Kaysmiles

Sorry I keep losing Internet at mo but just quickly, see these notes from another time, hope someone else pops in, will look in again when I can.
Here are a few alternative supplements which may aid recovery:

L-Arginine - A naturally-occurring amino acid thought to increase the blood flow to the bladder.

Quercetin - A bioflavonoid, it is a natural anti-histamine.

Bromalaine - It is derived from the pineapple plant and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Pumpkin Seeds - They are high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. The seeds of the pumpkin were used by American Indians to treat bladder, kidney and digestive problems.

Prelief® – This product is a calcium glycerophosphate, a food-grade mineral classified as a dietary supplement, for use with acidic foods and beverages, it acts as an alkalising agent to enable some with IC/PBS to tolerate certain foods that may cause irritation. Prelief® comes in two forms, powder or tablets. It is available to purchase in the UK from BHUK members receive a 10% discount when purchasing this product. Please contact the BHUKoffice for the product code to obtain your membership discount. The BHUK Foundation conducted a Prelief® trial in 1998, for trial results please contact us (only available for members).

All of the above supplements can be purchased at most health food shops or via the internet.
Chryssalis suggestions and help


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I buy my multi vitamins from here as they are specifically formulated for bladder issues. They are a UK distributor for this maker of vitamins who are US based and the founder of the website herself has had bladder issues.
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