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I have had IC for 30 years and I think I have finally found the problem.  Six months ago I  threw away all Tupperware and plastic containers  and stopped eating and drinking from plastic and styrofoam containers.  Plastics are made with  harmful chemicals which can leach into your food.  I also stopped eating foods containing soy, soy lecithin and soy anything because most soy products contain  harmful chemicals.  I also stopped eating foods from cans lined with plastic such as frozen juice and tomato products.  In order to eliminate the use of plastics, I eat only from glass or metal containers and         only store food in glass  or metal.  Also, the best thing for me is to eat only fresh foods, not packaged.  Since eliminating PLASTIC   I  have been getting better and  now have about 75 %  improvement.  It took about 2 weeks  after startiing this plan to notice improvment and have been getting better every week. 
I am now able to add foods to my diet that I could never eat before because they just hurt me too much.
Bottom line:  No  more plastic around my food.


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Hi this is fantastic that you have found the root cause of your problem and just goes to show that there are many, many causes of I.C. I bet no doctor out there would even consider this as a cause. There are so many forms of potential poisons in our modern world. 

On the one hand it is a shame you didn't discover this sooner but at least now your body can heal.

Have a happy healthy 2014.

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Hi Martina,

I agree with you about toxicity of plastic and also so many other toxic things our bodies are having to deal with in the modern world. It worries me that plastics are used in everything nowadays and they are full of really dangerous substances. Bottled water is one of my main concerns because the water itself is pure and good, but the plastic bottles so toxic. If they are stored in sunlight for instance the plastic chemicals will leach out into the water and then we are drinking that. Plastic bottles are made of cheap materials and chemicals now, unlike in the past where the plastic was safer and better quality. But then how can one buy water in glass bottles - they don't sell glass bottles anywhere for mineral water and so expensive and heavy to carry.  There is little choice in how to obtain natural spring water but not without the toxic plastic.

I've also heard that the toxic tin can linings are particularly dangerous - the white lined cans that have say plum tomatoes in them. The tomatoes are put into the tin cans hot and the white chemical linings will leach out into the acidic tomatoes. This is the case for most tinned food.

There are dangerous chemicals and metals all around us including amalgam fillings that contain over 50% mercury. Mercury in any form is totally toxic to man and in fillings it is being ingested and swallowed every time you drink something hot or eat or chew. How could these have ever been put into peoples' mouths. There is no safe limit of mercury in any form. Dentists have to dispose of mercury amalgam in a very secure way and under legal rules - and yet it is stuffed into our mouths where it is mixed with saliva and therefore gives of fumes.

The more we can eat naturally and get rid of all these toxins the better for the bladder. But our world is becoming more toxic by the minute - a most depressing thought.

Glad you have found some relief for your IC and we should all take heed from what you say about the dangers of plastics.
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