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I want to write my story because I feel miserable and need some support..
I hope that  someone will give me advise for my problem...
I have appointment with Professor in April, it is so long time to wait...
I'm not from UK (coming from Croatia), so sorry for some grammar or spelling mistakes.

My bladder problem started last summer (August 2017) when i was on my holiday. It seemed to be usual UTI with frequency, urgency and some pain which was worsening day by day.
After three weeks of symptoms, I visited my GP, my urine sediment analyse showed some blood, hig level of epithell cells and white blood cells, but culture was negative. He prescribed cefalexin, but when I finished the course symptoms were again here. After that I took co-amoxiclav, felt better, frequncy and urgency gone but still had bladder pain, burning...
Then I have visited urologist, he made urine analyse and sad saw that I still have high level of epithell cells, white blood cells and red one also...
He prescribed nitrofurantoin, and said I should take it prophylactically (50mg before sleeping), and in case of worsening symptoms, full dose (2x100mg) for 5 days...

To cut a long story short, I contunue to get infection after infection, and this small dose of nitro didn't help. Symptoms never went away, and during full doses of abtibiotic I feel better (but not symptoms free), and when I stop with antibiotic, I get terrible symptoms again.
Every culture I did, came back negative or normal flora or mixed growth and that's a big problem, because GP and urologist don't believe that I have such a big problem through all this time!

I have made numerous urine sediment analyses through this period, and they usually show low level pyuria (wbc number is up to 10), very often red blood cells, and all the time high number of epithell cells ...

I'm taking d-manose all the time and it is helpful, and some other supplements, but symptoms are still here!

I read everything about chronic infections, which are embeded in bladder wall, and after all these information I'm pretty sure that I have one.

What do you think, is chronic UTI my problem and will Professor listen to all of my symptoms through all this months? 

And why is my epithell cell count always so high (30 or 50), and wbc are not? My last analyse showed 8 wbc, 6 rbc and 30 epithell cels), I'm taking nitrofurantoin, and again is better but I feel that infection is still hear because bladder is still painful and burning, uretra also.

Thank you,
Kind regards

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Hi Maja,

I don't know if this will be any help to you but I've had a similar problem and eventually after much trial and error - sorted it myself.

I'm male and I had recurring painful UTIs for over a year. In that time the doctors prescribed a staggering 16 lots of antibiotics. I thought this had to stop. I was more concerned about the terrible effects the antibiotics would be having on my gut flora than I was concerned about the UTIs.

For my last UTI, about 3 months ago now I used copious amounts of D-Mannose, very high quality Colloidal Silver and Potassium Iodide.

Job done - in about 7 days time my last UTI disappeared - this is about the same time scale for anitbiotics but with no dreadful and potentially dangerous side effects.

To rebuild my gut flora and immune system I do the following:

Make and consume: Home made Sauerkraut, Kombucha and Kefir and I eat mainly a Paleo diet with lots of healthy fats, Lard, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, etc..

All the best Maja and I hope you find a remedy.

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