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Ah, so it's 20% acid, and 80% alkaline then? You had it the other way around in your initial post, and thats what threw me.

This sounds like the type of diet I've been on for a few years now. I follow the Armit Willis diet which I have to say has helped control my symptoms a great deal.
I hope it will do the same for you too.


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No Sue - the original post was right. You are mixing up acidifying foods with acid foods. The former is alkaline foods but which turn acid in the body. So, it's 20% of those and 80% of acid foods which turn alkaline. I had heard of this before too.I have to say that I find it hard to accept the ic diet totally as it is inconceivable that the food we eat retains its properties all the way through the body, so, if we eat, say, and apple,which is acidic, it retains enough of its acidity to make a difference in our urine to affect the inflammation that icers suffer from and hence make the pain worse or induce a flare. I may be wrong of course and each person must go with whatever suits them best! M.


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I do think that acidic foods, such as apples or strawberries, can easily retain enough acid to make the bladder react.
For instance, I can't take any supplements that have added Vit C ( ascorbic acid).  I take calcium supps. and I had to search high and low to get some that didn't contain ascorbic acid.  It's not just acid either- some foods such as spinach contain oxalates which can make vulvodynia worse- this is well known. It is also the same theory that applies to cutting out high oxalate foods if you have kidney stones, as it makes the calcium in your body more likely to form kidney stones.

It's important to distinguish between acidic foods and foods which make the overall state of the body more acidic.  As you say!  However, if you research the papers on this on the web which I have done, as I also have low bone density and a diet low in protein (acidfying foods) is thought to help too- you will see that even top world scientists can't agree!


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Maz, according to catherine, i think she may mean the alkaline diet - same as the amrit willis book way...

it would work i guess if i could try it, may try soon!

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how's the diet going?
Any improvement?


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Hi ladies,
  I think that the diet is certainly part of the treatment, but I am still looking for the other part.  I notice that if I dont drink enough water in the day, which is more than most people, usually about a gallon a day!, I get prone to IC.  Water is alkalizing.  Additionally, I have tried diets of just fruits and vegetables, most of which are alkalizing and avoided breads, sugars, any animal products, like meat or dairy, certain oils and stimulants.  I noticed a shift in myself and my body, although I got worse before I started to get better.  And after eating like this for three weeks, I broke my diet and am now back at square one, constant pain and irritation.   I dont know if I should eat like this for a year, just to make sure, or if it is a hoax and I am just hoping that it could only be so easy. 
  I am currently on Uro Vaxom and it is making me feel horrible, and I am only one week in!!!  I dread taking this pill!
  I have been diagnosed by holistic doctors with Candida.  The symptoms seem to match, and coincide with the diet.  I am going to continue with this pill, I've already invested money into it!, and re-intend the diet.  
  I pray for you all my sisters and mothers.  I am sorry that we all have to go through this!  But this is a great place to share!  
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