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As you may know i have been seeing the Professor, i am on nitrofurantoin and have been on this many times in the past but i think this time i may be having side effects, one being a sore tongue, 2 a soreish throat, 3 tiredness and 4 sometimes dizziness. Not sure if it is the abs or what? TOM gives me headaches so could be that also some tiredness, but not sure about the sore tongue and sore throat? Coincidence maybe? Anyone else have any symptoms? Wondering if its because ive been on them 3 weeks now? Could just generally be feeling run down!

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I would monitor these side effects for another 24 hours and see if they worsen. Prof always advises that people should contact him if things worsen asap. Nitro in particular is one where he likes to be advised if you experience peripheral neuropathic symptoms such as tingling in the arms, fingers, numbness in the body etc.

Sadly these infections take a high toll on the body and the ab dosage can run you down. I assume you are supplementing with a high strength probiotic to help your gut (3 hours away from abs) and eating as healthy as possible. All will help to boost your immune system.

If you do email him mark it urgent in the subject line.

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Please try desert harvest aloe vera I have had ic for 20years its changed my life in
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