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I turned up to my urology appointment to be asked by a Dr I had never seen before how my operation went last week... I starred at him with a blank face and replied 'what operation?!' .

I am appalled by the NHS experience I have had over the 7 years since I first suffered from reoccurring UTI's . Fortunately the Dr I saw was very honest with me, the operation that i DID have last year was a dilation/stretch and they FORGOT to take a biopsy, while one doctor,not to my knowledge, booked me in to have the repeat op with a biopsy that I apparently had last week, the Dr I did see said this was no longer necessary.

He also confirmed what I already knew, and have been pulling my hair out over since day 1, that they do not know what bacteria Is and ALL of he multiple urine samples I have given over the years is Not on their system, no results anywhere!!

With his honesty he came to the conclusion that I need to stop the anti biotics and wait for the symptoms to be horrendous to then give a urine sample to see what bug I particularly have to treat occordingly.

He also suggested that while the dilation/stretch gave me about 6 weeks relief with no symptoms that having this operation will be a good way to manage the infection, does anyone here have this done periodically to help manage flare ups?!? It's seems very invasive to be doing this over and over...

Any suggestions as to what I should do next would be fab [frown]

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Oh dear GeorigiaH, Bless you what a scenario, pleased that New Doc at least appears to be TRYING to understand and assist.

As you will see The Office has a NURSE TODAY ON LINE, why not telephone and speak with her.

Also why not re post in General Category above , in the hope more will read and hopefully respond.

Do keep posting.

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