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Hello, I have been looking on the internet and am questioning as to whether i actully have I C or a condition called Prudenal Neuralgia.The symptons i have seem to so match this condition.I have been thinking for a while that my symptons don't seem to follow the I C pattern eg no bladder pain.The symptons described for pudental neuralgia seem so much more like i am suffering, eg pain and discomfort in my rectum, on my whole vulval area bavk to front, discomfort passing water snd motions, pain all worse when sittiing, also feeling of .not weeing properly and discomfort after going with nota lot of relief, all these symptond seemto fit the symptons of this condition.i think having my cystoscopy has really woken up the prudenal nerve area for me.zThese are of course only my theory of my problems i may be completely wrong but somehow don't think i am.Also after passing a motion very sore snd painful.Anyone any thoughts on this post.

H.M Whitworth
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