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hello there,

Bit down in the dumps and hoping someone can give me some hope. I am going through a major flare which started last Friday. I know what caused it as my bladder been ok for a while, its all the merry pre xmas party I went to and had the worst stuff, alcohol and chocolate, mince pies, xmas cake then bam out of the blue, in awful pain again. And to add insult to this I know have a period from hell on top!!.

Been in awful pain since then and have not been able to enjoy the usual xmas delights of the dinner and stuff, because my bladder wont take it.

I have been able to manage with not much problems till now and feel such a fool for letting this happen. I feel like I will never recover now. I am so stuiped. and feel so down.

will I ever recover from this? or set myself up for a bad bladder now?

please can anyone relate with me or been through this before, please give me some hope x

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Mine always plays up at Xmas - at the moment the family are playing board games and I'm on the sofa watching all the fun and curled up with a hot water bottle and maxed out on pain killers and diazepam [frown]

Personally I think mine is related to rushing around and trying to do too much. When my engery levels are low and I'm worn out my bladder always kicks off and makes everything worse. I've checked my urine and I've got blood, protein and keytones present but I know I don't have an infection. I'm also in slight retention because of the flare too.

The only thing I can do is pain killers, muscle relaxants hot baths and hope for the best. I'm really sorry I can't offer any better advice but perhaps this might help you. I also strip my diet right back to basics and font eat anything that could cause a reaction or cause the flare up any last longer.

Good luck - I hope you feel better soon xxx

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I feel your pain :-(
Had my most miserable Christmas since 1993 when i first got diagnosed with EC.

Been flaring badly since having sex on 14th Dec (its never reacted like this before) and did initially settle down but started up again on 19th Dec and been up and down since.

Started back on steroids on Boxing day and despite initially feeling slightly better, i've gone downhill today badly.

Steroids can take 2-3 weeks to take effect so i am trying not to get too down.

My main symptoms are pressure on bottom of my bladder which swings from barely there to crushing down like a piece of concrete resting on bottom of my bladder and during last couple of hours i have some frequency as well ;/(

I hope you start to feel better soon - because you know what bought it on, a few days of clean eating ought to start getting it under control again. Just wanted you to know that i understand how you feel x

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Hi Ladies,

Thank you for your reply's, It makes me feel not so alone having people understand how awful major flare ups can be.

I am still in the flare and in pain, it had eased a little today, felt not so bad, but then tried something different to eat and the pain has got worse again, grrrr!![frown]

I hope you start to get some relief too Sophia, bad enough having this crud to deal with but at xmas too, its double cruddy!!
Will it ever go away?
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